Preparatory course offer

After the student is admitted to the 2-years master programme in Applied Data Science, the student must take a test in programing and system administration. If the test is not passed, University of Stavanger offers and encourages the student to take a preparatory summer course in programing and system administration. The purpose of the summer course is to prepare the student for the master’s programme in best possible way.

The preparatory course takes place in the summer before the start of the first semester and includes both online and on-campus activities.

If the test is not passed, the student will shortly after be registered to access a web-based part that focuses on programming in Python consisting of 4 tasks. Estimated time spent: 4 hours per task (depending on programming skills). In addition, there will be an on-campus section over 5 days during the first part of August. This is based on short classroom instruction and project in groups. Estimated time spent: 6 hours per day. A project assignment must be submitted on the last day.

The University of Stavanger does not consider it necessary to offer the preparatory summer course for students who already have passed the following courses at University of Stavanger:

-          10 ECTS in programming and a minimum of 5 ECTS in operating systems