For paper presenters


Conference formats

The conference will be organized around plenary- and parallel paper sessions. We are also open for posters that will be displayed in the conference area. The duration of paper sessions is 90 minutes. Paper sessions consist of a presentation and a discussion of papers of an ongoing or completed research project. The time frame of each paper presentation is 15 minutes. 4 different papers will be presented in each parallel session, and this leaves half an hour for questions and discussions. The chair of the session will manage the organization of the session, for example deciding whether questions should be taken after each presentation, included in a collective discussion in the last half an hour of the session, or a flexible mixture of the two models.

Poster Sessions

Abstract ia also needed if you want to present your project through a poster session. Poster sessions offer a more informal opportunity to present a project visually rather than orally by means of one poster. During poster sessions, participants peruse poster stations, a format maximizing interaction between participants and presenters.

The abstract proposal must describe the focus of the poster. Posters should be prepared for the Conference in A1/portrait (upright 841 x 594 mm ).