EPIC (Improving Employability through Student Projects, Internationalisation and Collaboration) is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership which aims to strengthen student projects through joint industry collaboration and internationalisation.

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While employability is a main focus of the partnership, the methods developed will support a wider number of objectives:

  • Increasing employability through closer collaboration between students and industry, by promoting active and problem-based learning, and by promoting international collaboration.
  • Increasing the labour market relevance of education through closer collaboration between industry and academia, and making the students better prepared for both national and international labour markets in a globalized world.
  • Increasing the students learning outcome by promoting active learning methods, based on students solving real-world problems.
  • Promote the take-up of ICT tools and Open Educational Resources (OER) to facilitate international student projects based on blended learning, thus making international collaboration more scalable and sustainable by reducing the costs. This also makes it possible to give students an international experience without the need for spending prolonged times abroad.
  • Provide the students with transversal competencies, especially focusing on problem solving skills, collaboration skills, entrepreneurial skills and skills within creativity and innovation.

The application organization is Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark and is joined by Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Enschede, Netherlands, ATeNe KOM GmbH, Berlin, Germany, Talaia Networks S.L., Barcelona, Spain, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona, Spain, Abdullah Gul University, Kayseri, Turkey, Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), Hamburg, Germany, Riga Technical University, Riga, Latvia, Uniwersytet Technologiczno- Przyrodniczy (UTP), Bydgoszcz, Poland.

The project will run from 01.09.2017 to 31.08.2020

EPIC Project website is found here.