Progress Report

The PhD candidate and the supervisor report annually to the doctoral committee on the progress of the PhD project.

The report must be based on the approved work plan for the PhD programm, and will state any deviations from the plan, including changes in funding, coursework, publication plans, study abroad plans and academic progress of the project in general.

The PhD candidate and the supervisor report separately on forms that should be sent to the University Document Center:

The faculty's PhD coordinator sends out a reminder and link well before the reporting deadline, and ensures that the PhD candidate and the supervisor's Head of Department receive a copy of the reports before they are presented and approved by the doctoral committee.

The annual deadline for reporting is 31 January. The first report is to be submitted, at the earliest, three months after admission.

The committee will review the submitted reports and inquire about lacking or inadequate reports. In those cases where the progress is too slow in relation to the approved work plan, and this is not due to a legitimate leave of absence from the programme, the doctoral committee, in cooperation with the Head of Department, will seek to identify measures to improve progress. The PhD candidate, the Head of Department and/or supervisor will actively participate in this process.

The candidate and the supervisor are equally responsible for submitting the reports. A lack of, or inadequate, progress reports from the candidate can result in involuntary termination of the candidate’s participation in the doctoral programme, prior to expiry of the period of admission, c.f. §5.5. Supervisors who fail to comply with the reporting requirements may be relieved of their supervisory duties.

Like all emloyees at UiS, PhD candidates will also receive a formal appraisal. The head of department carries out the appraisal interviews for candidates employed at UiS. The progress report can be a natural basis for these conversations.