Your Doctor in Stavanger

Students who have received a Norwegian ID number (fødselsnummer) are entitled to have a GP (general practitioner, or "fastlege" in Norwegian) in Stavanger.

Once you receive your Norwegian ID number, you are given an appointed GP in Stavanger. You can find the information about your GP on “Min Helse”

For more informatioin about heath care in Norway please visit

We recommend you to find out who is your GP as soon as you receive your Norwegian ID number so that in case of sickness you can see a doctor.

It is also possible to change to a different GP on “Min Helse”. You may change your GP twice a year and the change will take effect from the first day of the following month.

How to find your GP (fastlege)

1) Go to “Min Helse”.  Log in using BankID or one of the other options. If you do not have a bank account yet, click on “How to obtain an electronic ID” and follow the instructions about how to log in with MinID.

2)You will see the name of your GP on your page. 

How to change your GP (fastlege)

1) Go to “Min Helse”.  Click on “Bytte fastlege”. 

2) You have to choose the county “Rogaland” and then “Stavanger”. You can choose the district where you live in order to get a doctor close to your home. 

3) Click “Finn fastleger”. You will see an overview of all doctors in that part of city, including their age, sex, the address of their office and how many free spots they have for new patients. When you decide which doctor you want to go to, click on “Bytt”.

4) A confirmation will pop up. Click on “Bekreft bytte” to complete the process.

5) You will now see that you have been assigned to the chosen doctor.It states your doctor’s name and the date from which you can start using this doctor.The change comes into effect on the first day of the following month.

NB! The transfer of your records to the new GP does not happen automatically. If you want your records transferred to your new GP, you have to pay a fee to your previous GP. 

If you need help to change your GP online, call 8004 3573. Have your Norwegian Identity Number available when you make the call.