This is the study programme for 2020/2021.

The course deals with the areas of strategy on the business, corporate and technology level, and the development of industrial services from the technologies and capabilites of a company. It deals with development, delivery and use of various product support services directed towards advanced technical equipment, machinery and production systems, as well as industrial services in general. The focus is especially directed towards technology based industries, but can be generalized towards all industries.

Learning outcome

The course shall give the student a basic understanding of management strategy and industrial services and product support, and training in problem resolution, analysis and report writing.
It shall give an understanding of the driving forces behind technology and service development and changes to the competitive situation.


The course covers the two interrelated areas of industrial strategy and industrial services. The first cover strategy on the business and corporate level. The second cover how technology companies build competitive strength by not only providing products but increasingly developing industrial services based on the technologiacal capabilities of the company.
The course will have seminar form where the students are given the chance to present and discuss problems related to content in selected literature and papers.
The course includes development and preparation, presentation and defense of written report containing problem answers, critic of a different student report, as well as participation in discussion during seminars. The work normally is performed in groups of two students. The course language is English.

Required prerequisite knowledge



Weight Duration Marks Aid
Report and presentation1/1 A - F
Report counts for 100 % of the grade. Both the report and the presentation (pass/fail) must be passed to pass the course.

Course teacher(s)

Course coordinator
Knut Erik Bang
Course teacher
Tore Markeset
Head of Department
Tor Henning Hemmingsen

Method of work

Project, lectures, participation in guest lectures and industrial seminars. Lecture language is English.

Overlapping courses

Course Reduction (SP)
Industrial services (MOM400_1) 5

Open to

Admission to Single Courses at the Faculty of Science and Technology
Industrial Asset Management - Master's Degree Programme
Offshore Technology - Master's Degree Programme

Course assessment

Standard forms and/or discussion


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This is the study programme for 2020/2021.

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