This is the study programme for 2019/2020. It is subject to change.

Being able to use the local environment on the coastline on foot, by rowboat and on bicycle, to experience the health benefits of staying in nature, and to be able to plan and lead activities for schoolchildren.

Learning outcome

Following completion of the course, the student shall be able to:
  • Be able to account for and discuss how children socialize in outdoor activities.
  • Be able to account for the life on the shore, different types of fish, shells and seaweed.
  • Be able to account for different flowers and birds along the coast.
  • Be able to promote activities in the local environment.

  • Be able to analyze the terrain, plan and lead various activities in the local environment.
  • Be able to customize activities in nature to different groups in different environment.
  • Be able to implement and evaluate health promotion activities in the nature in the community.
  • Demonstrate indoor and outdoor climbing skills

  • Lead groups on trips in the local nature environment.
  • Ensure the safety of various forms of activity.
  • Be able to perform CPR and life-saving first aid in relation to the sea/open waters.


  • Outdoor activities in the local natural environment used as the venue for training, recreation and Team building.
  • Plan, lead and assess the use of nature in various teaching programmes
  • Leadership
  • Prevention of accidents and first aid in connection with the use of nature in the community.
  • Indoor climbing certificate and outdoor top-rope climbing
  • Three-day outdoor activity leading students from a local school.
  • Three-day outdoor coastal friluftsliv excursion to Langøy. Accommodation in tents.
  • Cycling day trip from Tungenes Lighthouse at Randaberg to Tanager bridge.
  • Student led, group cycling trip. Minimum two nights.

Required prerequisite knowledge



Planleggingsskjema, dagstur sykkel, egenferd sykkel, telttur, ro/fisketur og klatring
Weight Duration Marks Aid
To praksisdager med elever med planleggingsskjema Pass - Fail
Dagstur sykkel Pass - Fail
Egenferd sykkel med 2 overnattinger i telt Pass - Fail
Ro og fisketur Pass - Fail
Gjennomført klatrekurs inne og ute Pass - Fail
Exams that have to be passed:
Planning and leading two practical days with students from a local School.
Daytrip by bike,
Student-led bike excursion,
Rowing and fishing excursion.
Climbing inside and outside
Students/groups that receive one or more exam(s) "not approved" by first submission, will be provided the opportunity for a new submission of the task(s) in processed form.

Course teacher(s)

Course coordinator
Åge Vigane
Programme coordinator
Cato Olsen Slettvold
Course teacher
Bjørnar Kjellstadli

Method of work

Teaching alternates between practical and theoretical teaching.

Course assessment

Early in the semester there is a meeting with student representatives and at the end of the semester there is a written evaluation.


Articles, which will be shared on Canvas in due time.

This is the study programme for 2019/2020. It is subject to change.

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