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As of 16 December, all exams will be home exams, with the exception of 6 exams at Teknat. Check Canvas regularly.

Updated 16 December 2021: From 16 December, all exams will be home exams, but with 6 exceptions at the Faculty of Science and Technology. Check Canvas for details about your exam. And remember: Do not show up for the exam if you are ill or have respiratory symptoms.

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Stay at home if you are sick! (Illustration)

The main rule this semester is home exams, with the exception of around 20 percent that will be held physically on campus. Following new national recommendations and rules that apply from 15 December, and for universities on 16 December, UiS has changed 7 of 13 exams from school exams to home exams. These changes are communicated via Canvas.

The following measures are in place to ensure safe exams at the University of Stavanger:

  • The candidates are seated with at least 1 meter between them.
  • Face masks are not mandatory during the exam, but we recommend wearing a face mask entering and leaving the examination room. If you don't have a face mask, but would like one, the exam inspectors will provide you with one.
  • Students with symptoms of corona will be requested to leave the examination room.

What do you do if you are sick or have symptoms on examination day?

First of all: Stay home if you are sick.

You need to apply for valid absence in the Digital Student Service Desk within five working days after the exam. You do not need a medical certificate as the arrangement with self-reporting is extended until the end of the autumn semester 2021. If you are granted valid absence you can register for re-sit exams. Each student is responsible for registering for re-sit exams on the StudentWeb. The deadline to register is 20 January for re-sit exams after the autumn semester.

Read general information on corona from UiS.