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Drop-in-vaccination on campus Ullandhaug

Not yet vaccinated against corona? Tuesday November 2 you can get the jab on campus.

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The municipality’s mobile vaccine unit on campus in October.

Tuesday November 2 you can get vaccinated on campus when the municipality’s mobile vaccine unit visits the university. You will find the unit in front of Arne Rettedal’s hus from 9 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.

The vaccination is drop in-based – just show up when you can.

The municipality’s mobile vaccine unit also visited campus Ullandhaug in October when an impressing 138 persons were vaccinated.

The highest number of unvaccinated is now found in the ages between 18 and 40. After visiting the UiS the municipality representative pointed out that partiularly many in that age group were vaccinated at the university.

As the Corona numbers once again are rising it is hoped that the success from October will be repeated.