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ECIU University: challenge-based learning and innovation

UiS is part of ECIU University, where students and researchers collaborate with cities and businesses to solve real-life challenges.

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Common goals

Entrepreneurship, innovation and societal impact

ECIU University: Challenge-based learning!

In 2019, ECIU University won the EU's first award round for European Universities. UiS thus became one of the pioneers in developing a new European model for higher education.

The goal is to establish a genuine European university where students, researchers, companies, public organizations and citizens come together to create relevant and innovative solutions that solve real challenges and have a positive impact on society.

In March 2022, we submitted an application for a new project period, which will last for four new years. If ECIU University wins again this time, the alliance will have 14.4 million euros to further develop and scale up the activities.

An innovative university model

ECIU University wants to change the way education is provided. Through Challenge Based Learning (CBL), both students and external partners get to participate in designing the teaching. We accept challenges from public and private actors and put together international and interdisciplinary teams that together will define issues and develop innovative solutions.

In addition to challenges, ECIU University also offers short micro-courses. These can be taken individually, or to gain the extra knowledge or skills needed to solve a specific challenge. Both micro-courses and challenges are offered by all ECIU universities and can be taken by both graduate students and as continuing and further education.

Taking on a challenge from the building industry

A unique learning experience

Masoumeh Shahverdi

International mobility

Increased mobility of students, academic staff and employees from partner companies, both physical and virtual, is part of ECIU University. Bringing students and teachers together from many different cultures with varied work experience and different perspectives and approaches will strengthen Europe's competitiveness.

Join ECIU University

Are you a company, organization or public company that wants to work together to solve challenges? Get in touch through our collaboration portal (choose Propose a challenge).

Do you want to check out what kind of micro course is available? Check the offer on the ECIU University website.

Are you a student? Go to our page with offers for students.

Read more on ECIU University's website.

Contacts at UiS:

Astrid Birgitte Eggen

ECIU University board member

Bjarte Hoem

ECIU local coordinator and ECIU University ambassador

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