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The Education and Learning Environment Award 2021

Which environments or persons at the University of Stavanger have succeeded in the facilitation of the academic learning of students through professional, academic and pedagogical endeavor?

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The purpose of The Education and Learning Environment Award is to recognise efforts in creating stimulating education quality and learning environments, as well as endeavor to inspire to systematic and competent quality development of study programmes.  Special efforts in the facilitation of the physical and psycho-social learning environment at the university, can be awarded, as well as innovative academic development of study programmes.  

Singular employees, departments, entire study programmes, courses of study, groups of colleagues, administrative units as well as other units responsible for carrying out teaching programmes, can be awarded.  

The measure that receives the award, must be accomplished as a result of cooperation between students, academics, administrative staff, or possibly other entities.  

All students and employees may nominate candidates by 28 April 2021. Nominations can be sent directly via Public 360 (case 21/01731) or to with reference to 21/01731.  

The prize is 50,000 kroner and will be awarded at the Annual Celebration in October 2021.