HelseCampus announces call for seed funding

From 21. August 2023 research and innovation projects within the three strategic focus areas simulation, integration of care services, and security and safety will be able to apply for seed funding.

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Portrett av mørkhåret dame i hvit genser med rosa skjerf
Manager Line Hurup Thomsen encourages interested parties to apply for seed funding.

The seed grant proposals must be based on clinic requirements and focused on solutions to current and/or future challenges to the healthcare system.

Assessment criterias and indicative research proposals below.

Proposals that cover service development and/or digitalization of services and collaborative projects with partners from the public sector, academia, private sector and civil society will be given preference.

Proposals must have a clearly defined project plan, explicitly stating project ambition and potential impact. They are also expected to show upscaling potential through plans to apply for further regional, national and international research and innovation funding.

University of Stavanger must be project leader or partner in the proposal. Universitetsfondet i Rogaland provides the seed funding.

Please send the proposal to helsecampus@uis.no

Project duration 6-12 months
Maximum funding per proposal NOK 300 000
Total funding for the call in autumn 2023 NOK 1 200 000
Application deadline 2023 20.10.2023, 18:00
Award of seed funding 2023 8.12.2023