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Important information on the coronavirus situation

The UiS is open to students, staff and visitors, in compliance with existing infection control precautions. Here is the information that applies to the university.

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For students

Below you can find questions and answers about how the coronavirus situation affects you as a student at UiS. If you have tested positive for Covid-19, please call 417 75 566.

Updated 26 May 2021

Information about start of studies 2021 is available on a separate page. Infection control regulations that specifically apply to start of studies events and such, will be posted there. Visit the Start of studies page

On-campus teaching in groups of up to 200 can be carried out, provided that the 1-meter distance can be observed.

Students must check Canvas for updated information.

Face covering

We recommend face masks whenever the rule of one meter distance cannot be observed.

Reading rooms and library

The university library and reading rooms are open. Classrooms and student association rooms can be used. Opening hours for the libraries can be found here.

Events and meetings

Events can be carried out in compliance with national and local rules and recommendations. Events where the number of participants exceeds 20 must be registered with the municipality of Stavanger via this website (in Norwegian).

Physical meetings can may be held, but with an option to attend digitally if the number of participants exeeds 10.

For digital lectures, students must connect their personal PCs to the web from home. All teaching and tutoring will be made available on a digital platform, usually Canvas. Your department/lecturer will inform you about this

If you need any assistance, please contact or call the IT service line at 51 83 30 00.

As a main rule, exams in the spring of 2021 will be carried out as a home exams. Students must check Canvas for updated information.

For on-campus exams,the following infection control applies.

For exam-related questions, please contact 

It is very important for UiS to know about infected students. If you have been infected, we kindly ask you to call 417 75 566.

This way we can ensure that the infection control office is informed and that UiS receives advice for further infection control work. The information will be processed in accordance with the Personal Data Act article 6-1- (e).

If you are concerned that you have been infected due to newly-arisen respiratory tract symptoms, or if you have arrived in Norway from a so-called red country/region in the last 10 days, you should be tested for coronavirus. Please visit to find out if you need to be tested.

To make an appointment for testing, you can call the local corona hotline at 51 91 40 30 or contact your GP. If you have symptoms of acute respiratory infection or other symptoms of covid-19, you do not need a GP check first. The same applies if you are in close contact with a confirmed infected person, or if you have travelled to a red country in the last 10 days.

You should also check out the official health services website Helsenorge for more useful information.

  • Familiarise yourself with the infection control precautions for classrooms and auditoriums before you come to campus.
  • Keep your distance and avoid crowding: Everyone who comes to UiS campuses must be considerate and keep their distance to others, in addition to complying with our infection control guidelines.
  • Face covering: The use of face covering is recommended when it is not possible to keep a distance of at least one meter.
  • Digital student service desk: You may use the digital student service desk for applications regarding special exam arrangements, questions regarding study plans etc. 
  • Send us an e-mailYou can contact us at the following e-mail addresses:

    - Student help desk (for questions regarding student fees/student card/general questions)

    - Student guidance (for questions regarding academic matters/regulations and special arrangements for students with disabilities)

    - Student web (for questions regarding study plans/semester registration) 

    - IT services (for problems activating your IT user and general IT help):

We must all follow the advice and recommendations of how to prevent infection. Read more about social distance, quarantine and isolation on the website of Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

If you have any questions about infection control measures that this article does not address, you can send an e-mail to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you are prevented from attending the exam or compulsory activity due to the quarantine given by a doctor, the rules and conditions regarding the approval of absence for a valid reason, apply. If you are unable to obtain a medical certificate regarding conditions related to the coronavirus, you must enclose a self-report/explanation

The UiS will take steps to minimize the negative effects for students in the event of a long-term quarantine or sick leave due to coronavirus.

If you are prevented from attending compulsory activity or exam due to the quarantine or illness you need to submit your application regarding absence for a valid reason through the digital student service desk.  

SiS (Studentens beste i Stavanger) has counselling services for students.

You may also use the student helpline, which is a night-open telephone service and a supplement to existing health services on campuses. The line is open from 5pm to 7am every day including weekends and holidays. This is a free, anonymous service for all students in Norway. Call 116 123 and dial 3, and you will get someone to talk to.

If you would like to talk to a psychiatric nurse, you can call Stavanger urgent care center ("Legevakt") 116 117 to make an appointment.

Your GP can also refer you to relevant health services.

For suicide prevention, please call these helplines:

51 51 59 59: the TIPS helpline (at Stavanger University Hospital) open weekdays 8 am to 3 pm

22 40 00 40: Kirkens SOS - open 24 hours a day

We have a dedicated page for upcoming events and contact details for helplines and councelling available for students. Check it out here

You are requested to either walk, cycle or drive a car to campus. If you have to use public transport, please wear a face mask and observe the NIPH’s advice for public transport passengers

Please contact SiS (Studentsamskipnaden in Stavanger) - SiS Housing.

Before arriving in Norway, all information about the Covid-19 situation will be published here.

After arriving, please follow the information above for students on campus.

Information about the covid-19 situation for newly admitted international full degree master’s students is published at Important updates and information will also be given directly to the students via email and through a series of pre-arrival webinars.

Please contact your faculty for information on arrangements concerning your examination and tutoring.

At Lånekassen's website you will get updated information on payment of loans and grants as well as contact information. 

Stay updated on the policies enacted by Lånekassen.

Do you have any other questions? 

Please use this form to contact the digital student service desk.

Infection control instructions for UiS campuses

The University of Stavanger adheres the the same infection control guidelines as other workplaces. Students, staff and visitors must also familiarise themselves with the UiS infection control instructions before coming to campuses.

Updated 3 May 2021

Students and staff are personally responsible for safeguarding their own health and adhering to the applicable infection control measures at all times. Please comply with the guidelines issued by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

UiS has made accomodations to ensure that everyone can keep at least one meter's distance in most teaching situations, and the following applies for both classrooms and auditoriums:

  • Disinfect hands before entering lecture rooms. Sanitisers can be found at the entrance and inside the room.
  • Do not use seats that are cordoned off or otherwise marked as inaccessible.
  • Disinfect your seat/surface before lecture. Wipes can be found by the entrance.
  • Cooperate to avoid crowding at entry and exit points.

In compliance with local infection control measures, face covering is mandatory on campus when it is not possible to keep the required minimum 2-metre distance to people outside your own household. Face masks shall be used in shops, in common areas in shopping malls, restaurants, in houses of worship, public transport and indoor station areas, and on arenas for cultural, sports and leisure activities. 

Face masks will be made available in teaching situations where your faculty either recommends or requires the use of face covering.

Please check these instructions for correct use of face covering.

Infection control routines for lecturers​​​​​​​ 

  • Lecturers are responsible for disinfecting their own seat/surface and equipment. Wipes are available in the room.  ​​​​​​​
  • Lecturers are responsible for reminding those present about infection control routines for lecture rooms. 

Infection control routines for meeting rooms

  • The person in charge of the meeting is responsible disinfecting their own seat/surface and equipment. Wipes are available in the room.  
  • Meeting attendants are responsible for disinfecting their own seat/surface before the meeting. Wipes are available in the room.                   

For supplies refill call 976 96 442. (On the safe side)

Please check coronavirus information at This site is specially adapted to students and staff at universities and university colleges, among other things, by making the local emergency number at their institutions easily available. The information is available in Norwegian and English

Opening hours and transportation

UiS is open for students, staff and visitors. Opening hours are 7:45 am to 8:00 pm for all buildings. Read on for more information about transportation and opening hours.

After closing time, you will need an access card to enter the buildings.


We recommend making you way to campus by walking or cycling, or by car. If you have to use public transport, please avoid rush hour and make sure to observe the NIPH’s advice for public transport passengers.

SIS cafés, bookstore and sports centre

Opening hours and corona restrictions are updated by SiS - keep yourself updated here


Here you can find opening hours for all libraries.

Museum of Archaelogy

The following opening hours for the museum apply.

For employees

Information for staff on the coronavirus situation.

Useful articles and information for staff can be found on the UiS intranet. Access the site with your Feide login.