It is not too late to give your opinion on the quality of your study program

The deadline has been postponed till November 21. Therefore all those in their second, third or fifth year of study can still have their say on study quality by completing the national student survey Studiebarometeret.

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Studenter i gruppearbeid

Direct access to the survey.

Live results for all study programmes at UiS.

UiS compared to the rest of the country.

The survey takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete, and you have also received a direct link to the survey in your inbox.

Studiebarometeret is a national student survey that is conducted every year in Norway. The survey asks you for your opinion of the educational quality of your study programs. The purpose of the survey is to strengthen the quality of higher education, and we can use this to further develop our study programmes.

Studiebarometeret gives us important yearly feedback, and allows us to improve the quality of study programmes at UiS. It is an important tool for UiS as a higher education institution, as it gives us concrete information about perceived quality of study. The portal and data from the survey is also used by the media, the authorities, and research institutions. This year UiS is a part of a pilot project where 3rd year students are also asked to respond, although this only applies to 3rd year students on bachelor programmes.

The survey primarily asks about perceived quality of study, but also asks about motivation, time spent, and involvement.