Join UiS, Stavanger and the rest of Norway in the celebration of 17 May!

Put on your best clothes, wave flags with UiS in the parade and take part in the unique and traditional celebration!

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In Norway, 17 May is not just a date – it is the Constitution Day, celebrated from early morning to late in the evening.

En gruppe mennesker med fane og norske flagg
Celebration in 2022

Eat cake at Folken

From 12 pm, all students are invited to Folken, where cakes will be served in Akvariet.

Walk the Peoples parade, "Folketoget"

At 3.30 pm (15.30) all UiS students and employees are invited to join the Stavanger Student organization and rector Klaus Mohn and walk behind the UiS flag in the Peoples Parade through the city. Meeting point: Arne Rettedals gate in the hill/road from Folken, towards the square at 3.30

What will you need?

  • Nice clothes
    But preferably comfortable shoes if you want to walk in the parade – or bring blister plaster.
  • A Norwegian flag
    You can also bring the flag of your home country – or both.
  • An empty stomach in the morning
    don't worry, it will get full during the day! Some like to start with a bubbly breakfast (or brunch), and during the day people eat cakes and barbeque. On 17 May Norwegian children are allowed to eat as much ice cream as they want, but there is no age limit …
  • For the little extra:
    Get a 17. May ribbon (they come in various shapes and price ranges) and put it on the left side of your chest (close to your heart).

Useful phrases:

People will great each other with the phrase “Gratulerer med dagen!” (Congratulations). You respond with “Gratulerer med dagen”.
When walking in – or watching – the parade, people will regularly shout “Hurra!”, “Hurra – hurra – hurra" and “Hipp, hipp hurra”. If someone says “Hipp, hipp!” you respond with “Hurra!”

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