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Official semester opening ceremony 2022

Monday 15 August 2022 12:00-13:00,
Fadderområdet på campus Ullandhaug.

Welcome to Stavanger and UiS – both new and not-so-new students!

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Publikum i god stemning med en scene i bakgrunnen

Semester opening speech for students from rector Klaus Mohn

Opening speech by the Mayor of Stavanger

Meet your fellow students and make new friends!

Monday, August 15 at 12.00, the University of Stavanger will officially kick off the academic year 2022/23. The opening ceremony will give you a taste of what the Stavanger region and UiS have to offer, both when it comes to music, culture, academic engagement, and student involvement.

Listening to music and reading literature is a nice way to discover Norwegian culture and prepare for your new life as a student in Norway and Stavanger. So why not use the summer to familiarise yourself with some of the cultural highlights of the Stavanger region that you will meet during the Semester opening ceremony?

This year acclaimed singer-songwriter Beharie will perform with his tender vocals and heavenly harmonies, located deep within the indie-soul landscape. Author Tore Renberg will give the main speech and also take us through the opening ceremony.

Collage med Portrettfoto og teksten Velkommen til UiS
Tore Renberg, fotocredit: Forlaget Oktober. Beharie, fotocredit: Malin Longva

Rector Klaus Mohn and the deputy mayor of Stavanger Dag Mossige will welcome the students to UiS and Stavanger. You will meet Sara Beitz, who is the newly elected leader of the Student organisatation StOr and Alva Eide, who is in charge of the Fadder festival. Also, the winner of the University Fund’s Presentation and Community Involvement Award will be revealed by Cecilie Claviez from the University Fund.

The UiS Student Choir, Stavanger studentsangforening, will also perform during the opening ceremony.

Mini concert with Beharie and band.

The event will take place on the Ullandhaug campus in the same area as the enrollment week festival Fadder. The doors open at 11.30 am and the ceremony starts at 12.00 pm.

More information about start of studies 2022

For international students, please also check information sent to you from the UiS International Office and the UiS Admissions Office.

Welcome to the University of Stavanger!