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TD Veen gives NOK 5 million to UiS Business School and Synapse Lab

The research group Synapse Lab develops measures to improve motivation and learning in education and in working life. The investment company TD Veen will now support Synapse Lab’s work with NOK 5 million over the next five years.

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In Synapse Lab, researchers from several faculties at the University of Stavanger (UiS) have joined forces to investigate and develop measures that can increase motivation and learning. The goal is to achieve a better knowledge base to help people succeed in education and work. The Norwegian Reading Centre, the Norwegian Centre for Learning Environment and Behavioural Research in Education and the Faculty of Social Sciences, together with UiS Business School are central to the initiative.

Now TD Veen will strengthen the work of Synapse Lab.

"TD Veen is pleased to be able to contribute to strengthening the initiative at UiS Business School and at Synapse Lab in the area of corporate social responsibility. We want to contribute to long-term, basic research on topics such as social responsibility in the business sector and how exclusion among young people can be prevented," says Silje Veen, owner and chairman of the board of TD Veen AS. 

Professor Mari Rege and Silje Veen

In 2015, TD Veen established Samfunnssentralen, a work community for social entrepreneurs. Several of the social entrepreneurs in Samfunnssentralen are working on developing solutions to help vulnerable groups into employment, as well as helping children and young people to experience the school as a coping arena.

"TD Veen's goal is to utilise the operation of Samfunnssentralen to promote social entrepreneurs and solutions that improve society. We are very committed to ensuring that measures to ensure that more people are included in society are further explored and publicised. We are proud that there is good expertise in the field of motivation and learning at UiS, as these are important building blocks in order to have a good life and succeed in working life," says Veen.

Mari Rege, Professor at UiS Business School, is delighted with the donation. Together with Professor Oddny Solheim, she is the initiator and head of Synapse Lab.

"This is a major acknowledgement and encouragement. Over the past few years, our group has built up considerable expertise and experience in testing measures in large-scale, randomised controlled trials, such as in the Agder project, U-say and Two Teachers. We want to improve the knowledge base for more people to succeed in school and work. With these funds, we will be able to further strengthen the expertise and professional environment in Synapse Lab," says Rege.

Rege also sees possible synergies between Synapse Lab and Samfunnssentralen.

"Many of the innovations highlighted by Samfunnssentralen are interesting to research. I hope that win-win projects can arise through the partnership with Veen, where Synapse Lab has access to data that can contribute to new knowledge about learning and motivation, while at the same time allowing the entrepreneurs in Samfunnssentralen to gain a better insight into how innovation actually works," says Rege.

Veen also hopes the partnership can produce synergies.

"We are impressed by the research and dissemination Mari Rege is carrying out, as well as her ability to carry out ambitious projects. She exudes professionalism, job satisfaction and pride, which are values that we at TD Veen want to promote. We look forward to learning from them during the partnership, and hope that we can contribute to an internationally visible and recognized research environment," says Veen. 

Dean Ola Kvaløy believes this is an important partnership that supports the Business School's strategy.

"We are a socially engaged business school that takes our social responsibility seriously, and in our research we are keen that collaboration with the field of practice can contribute to solving major societal challenges. The partnership with TD Veen and Samfunnssentralen is an excellent example of this," says Kvaløy.

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