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The internationalisation of Norwegian academia - where do we go next?

How do we want the international Norwegian academia to look in the future; in 10 years, in 20 years? Watch the debate live on this page.

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TIME: Wednesday 23 February at 19: 30-21: 00

PLACE: Påfyll, Kirkegata 36 in Stavanger


Organizers: Khrono, KÅKÅ Kverulantkatedralen and the University of Stavanger

Norwegian universities and colleges are becoming more and more international, and the past month a debate about both the benefits and challenges of this. We take it a step further and look ahead. We ask: How do we want an international Norwegian academy to look in the future; in 10 years, in 20 years? We invite you to a debate at Påfyll in Stavanger on 23 February at 7.30 pm!

The panelist:

- Researcher and Name of the Year in academia 2021, Cecilie Hellestveit

- Rector Klaus Mohn, UiS

- Professor and researcher Ulrich Dettweiler, UiS

- Researcher II Ingvild Reymert, Institute of Social Research

- Professor and researcher Rune Todnem By, UiS

Moderator: former editor-in-chief of Stavanger Aftenblad, Tom Hetland.

The debate will be streamed on, and on this page.

Watch todays debate streamed at Kåkå/Påfyll