The library is open 24/7 again

On 6 February the library reopened.

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The library has been closed for a period of time due to the discovery of asbestos. There is now no longer any asbestos in the ceiling, where it was discovered. The air, furniture and books in the library did not contain asbestos. Everything has been cleaned, and you can safely use the library again.

The basement area and the kitchen area of the library including toilets will be sealed until week 18 for the continued, safe removal of asbestos. You may use toilets by the canteen instead.

The Study Lab’s guidance will continue in the Data Lab (KE A-259) until the basement area opens again. You can find it here (link to map)


Library help and other services

Parts of the Ullandhaug library will still be closed due to renovations, so we do not have access to the entire library collection. Can't find the books you need? Please contact us, and we will help you find a solution.

You still have access to our online resources like e-books, articles and journals. Search Oria to find what is available.
Remember to use remote access if you want to read e-books and online resources when you are not on the UiS-network.

There are only two printers available in the library at the moment, due to continuing renovations in parts of the library area. Please follow the signs to locate the printers. There are many other printers on campus that you can use instead, and the closest one outside the library is near Tjodhallen. Read more about printing and UiS and contact IT if you need help with this.

Other available printers at UiS:

  • Arne Rettedals lobby 1. floor
  • Arne Rettedals V-wing second floor.
  • Library Bjergsted
  • Library Arkeologisk museum
  • Hulda Garborgs, O-108
  • Hulda Garborgs, N-wing, 1. floor
  • Hagbard Lines, U-wing, U-204
  • Ellen and Axel Lunds, V-wing, second floor.
  • Kjell Arholms, U-110, first floor.
  • Kjell Arholms, U-022, U (basement).
  • Elise Ottesen-Jensens, first floor.
  • Student's building, second floor.
  • Kjølv Egelands C-blokk, second floor. exit
  • Kjølv Egelands D-blokk, 3th floor.
  • Kjølv Egelands E-blokk, floor. corner
  • Ivar Langens, second floor.

You can easily find printers using Mazemap.

If you can't find a reading place in the library, please consider other options listed here: