The mayor's speech at the semester opening

Mayor Kari Nessa Nordtun welcomed new students to the Stavanger-region.

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The mayor of Stavanger Kari Nessa Nordtun.
  • Hello everyone and welcome to the student city of Stavanger!
  • We are very proud of the university you have chosen, a university situated in a busy region where we have never before needed people the way we do now!
  • There’s oil out there and hydropower over there, but there’s also so much more happening here.
  • Businesses and the region as a whole are preparing for the future.
  • New industries at sea are emerging on the shoulders of 60 years of offshore experience, including the offshore wind, CCS and hydrogen industries.
  • We can boast a brand-new hospital, a strong start-up community and world-leading medical technology.
  • We have even become leaders in aquaculture and agriculture in recent times too.
  • Nearly half of the tomatoes in Norway are grown here in Stavanger and a quarter of all salmon swim in our fjords.
  • Inhabitants of the municipality include 20,000 sheep and 250,000 chickens!
  • In other words: We need you!
  • As energetic students bringing life to the city, but especially afterwards, as talented people with capable hands and bright minds who can steer the region into the future
  • It all starts now. The start of the semester. The words alone are enough to cause excitement.
  • It’s easy to feel a bit envious of all the wonderful experiences you have ahead of you.
  • I remember my first day as a law student in Bergen. There were expectations and uncertainty and it really helped to meet others facing the same situation.
  • Student life is something unique and something you will never experience again. Enjoy every moment of it and grab hold of every single opportunity that arises throughout, academically and socially!
  • You have arrived in the fourth largest city in Norway and the third largest urban region – you have arrived in the energy capital of Norway, a city of culture and knowledge.
  • Here, distances are short. From the city to the countryside, from the sea to the mountains, and we also have a vibrant nightlife and rich culture.
  • Make sure to take full advantage of what the city and the region have to offer and enjoy all the amazing things we have here!
  • I would also like to encourage you to exercise your right to vote this autumn!
  • Politics is part of everyday life. And it matters who runs the city.
  • Finally: Today is your day – enjoy it!
  • Good luck with your studies and with your future. And don’t forget to have fun!