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UiS accelerating the green transition: UiS side conference at Nordic Edge 2022

On Wednesday May 11, you can hear about our activities and how we work with regional stakeholders to accelerate the green transition.

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The green transition is central to the strategy of the University of Stavanger towards 2030. We want to lead the way by transforming our educational programmes and research to accelerate the green transition in the region of Stavanger and around the world.

Join UiS at Nordic Edge 2022! The UiS panel debates are free and open to the public. Join also our UiS-researchers at Pint of Science where they will give you short and simple introductions to complex, scientific questions. Last but not least, check out our programme at KnowHow EdTech 2022.

Panel debates 11 May 09:00–16:00 at Fish & Cow:


Green Bildung in the Age of Extinction


How do we create positive energy districts for the future?


How to involve children and youth in the green transition?


What is the role of cycling and walking in smart cities?


Challenges and opportunities in the green transition of food production in Norway


Green Transition and Study at UiS (presentations and orientations)