UiS Clean Energy Law and Economics Conference

Friday 18 November 2022 08:30-17:00,
Kjell Arholms Hus,
Stort auditorium A1.

Learn about clean energy with the Clean Energy Law and Economics Conference, arranged by UiS Business School.

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UiS Business School's Clean Energy and Economics Conference

This yearly conference in Stavanger explores all aspects of clean energy, and clean energy law and economics, in an understandable way.

Four panels will discuss solar energy, offshore wind experiences, investments in offshore wind, and green taxes and incentives. Among the participants are both Norwegian and International experts.

Join us at the UiS Business School to learn more about law, policy and financial considerations in producing clean electricity in Europe and the US.

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Registration deadline is November 10th


08:45: Opening remarks from Stavangers mayor, Kari Nessa Nordtun.

08:50: Opening remarks from Ola Kvaløy, Dean at UiS Business School

09:00-10:30: Panel 1. Solar Energy; how to grow a solar energy company.

  • Trygve Nilssen (Partner, Schjødt Stavanger) Presentation title: "How to structure a solar energy company for growth?”
  • Øyvind Vesterdal (CEO Norsk Solar AS) Presentation title: “How to grow a solar energy company"
  • Urosh Tomovich (Principal, UTE Consulting) Presentation title: “Exploring opportunities in the U.S. solar plus battery storage market”
  • Kristin Melsnes (CEO, Solgrid AS) Bjørn Bjørnnes (COO, Solgrid AS). Presentation title "Experience from development and construction of solar energy plants in an industrial scale”.
  • Moderator is Douglas McKeige (Editor in Chief, the Climate Capitalist)

10:45-12:15: Panel 2. Offshore Wind Project Experience.

  • Ryan Hopkins (Partner, White & Case, Houston) Presentation title: “Fair Winds and Following Seas are still on the Horizon” 
  • Geir Ove Karlsen (Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Mainstream – Aker Offshore Wind) Presentation:  «Floating wind – Norway may be first out, but can we go big?»
  • Åshild Tandberg Skjærseth (Lead Business Developer Offshore Wind Norway, Equinor) – Presentation: Offshore wind in Norway, opportunities for the Norwegian supplier industry: experiences from Hywind Tampen (HyT
  • Guro Løken (Head of Alliance, Windstaller Alliance) Presentation: «Windstaller Alliance – Unlocking value for renewable energy developers and operators”
  • Yihan Xing (Professor, UiS) Presentation: «R&D activities in offshore wind – The last ten years and future trends»
  • Moderator is Kristoffer Svendsen from UiS Business School


13:30-15:00: Panel 3. Investing in and financing offshore wind projects.

  • Douglas McKeige (Editor in Chief, The Climate Capitalist)
  • Andreas Østern (Head of Energy Transition Solutions, Ocean Industries, DNB Bank ASA)
  • Bodil Sannes-Vardenær (Senior kundeansvarlig, Energi og Industri, EKSFIN – Eksportfinansiering Norge) Presentation title: "Norwegian ECA financing”
  • Ida Johanne Bohmann (CMS Kluge) Presentation title: "Financing of offshore wind energy projects in Norway – are we ready? Do we have the necessary legislation in place to accommodate for a bankable project structure?”
  • Jon Christian Thaulow (Partner, BAHR) Presentation title: "What is special about financing offshore wind compared to onshore wind projects?”
  • Moderator is Urosh Tomovich (Principal, UTE Consulting)

15:15-16:45: Panel 4. Green Taxes and Incentives: How does it influence green investments?

  • Kenny Kaluiji (Carbon Credit Advisor, Scatec ASA) Presentation title: "Carbon markets as a key driver for renewable energy Investments in emerging markets" 
  • Gjermund Grimsby (Chief Advisor, Climate change, KLP) Presentation title: «Green investments: Capitalism with plan economy characteristics»
  • Manus Pandey (Vice President - Energy and Climate Policies, Statkraft) Presentation: “Taxation of renewable energy and the effect on market participants’ incentives”
  • Torfinn Harding (Economics professor at UiS Business School) Presentation title: "Demand side vs supply side climate policies”
  • Arnault Barichella (PhD candidate, Sciences Po) Presentation: Climate Change and Governance, in light of Green Incentives.
  • Moderator is Benn Folkvord from UiS Business School

If you have any questions regarding the conference, please contact Kristoffer Svendsen.

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