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Updated spring semester info: Remote teaching extended until further notice

Due to the infection situation, teaching at UiS will be carried out digitally until further notice. Reading rooms and the library remain open with limited capacity.

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Spring at the Elise Ottesen Jensen building.

Teaching at UiS continues to be remote until further notice. Exceptions can be made for students who need access to laboratories, equipment, instruments and rehearsal/training rooms. Students who need such access are asked to stay up to date on Canvas.

Limited capacity for reading rooms and library

Due to the infection control measure requring a distance of two metres, capacity is limited for the reading rooms. We will therefore open more teaching rooms that can be used as reading rooms. These rooms will be marked with notices on the doors. Students can contact security guards on duty about available capacity by calling 976 96 442.

The library is open, also with limited capacity due to the new two-metre rule. Please check this site for opening hours for all libraries.

All planned events must be held online. Disputations shall be carried out as a hybrid between online and on-campus events.

Teaching and home office

Students are advised to stay up to date on Canvas.

Employees who are in a position to work from home, must do so. There will however be sufficient staffing on campus to provide teaching and support services.

Practical training shall be carried out to the extent possible.

On-campus teaching will be resumed as soon as the infection situation allows.

UiS complies with national and local regulations and advice on management and infection control and recommends downloading the app Smittestopp, issued by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Read more under "Infection protocol" below.

​​​The university management would like to thank students and staff for their great patience and extraordinary efforts in a demanding time.

Please visit our site for important corona information at UiS.

Study halls and other campus offerings

All university buildings are open between 07:45 am and 8 pm Monday to Friday. Outside of these times you will need an access card to enter the buildings.

Study areas remain open with limited access and capacity. The same goes for the libraries. Please check this site for opening hours for all libraries.

Kafé Optimisten in the Kjølv Egeland building and kafé Sentralen in the Arne Rettedal building are open Monday to Friday between 8 am and 3 pm.

SiS bookstore is open between 8 am and 3 pm Monday to Friday. The book store will ship books via the postal service for NOK 49, regardless of the amount of your purchase. 

SIS Sports Centre is open.

Find updated information from SiS here.

Face covering

The use of face covering is recommended when it is not possible to keep a distance of at least one meter.

Mental health

Student life under the pandemic can be hard with many of the social arenas missing. Do you need someone to talk to?

Please visit our site for important corona information at UiS.

Infection protocol

The UiS complies with the advice on infection control issued by Norwegian Institute of Public Health: Keep one metre’s distance to others, wash hands regularly, stay at home if you feel sick and don't hesitate to get tested, even if you only experience light symptoms such as unexpected headache, sore throat, runny nose, cough or fever,

Read more about infection protocol on campus.

UiS recommends either walking, cycling or driving a car to campus. If you need to use public transport, you should avoid rush hour and comply with these recommendations for public transport.

Please also familiarise yourself with Covid 19 information from the municipality of Stavanger.

International students and quarantine

All new international students who come to Norway must stay in entry quarantine at quarantine hotels. Expenses for quarantine hotels are covered by UiS. See detailed information from UiS about international students and quarantine.

See also the guidelines for entry quarantine for international arrivals into Norway issued by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.


As a main rule, exams in the spring of 2021 will be carried out as a home exams. Students must check Canvas for updated information.

Routine procedures for detected infection

Notification when an employee has been infected 

Employees must notify their immediate superior if they have been diagnosed with serious epidemic disease. The manager shall report this to the dean/faculty director/department head.   

Notification when a student tests positive for infection

Students call 417 75 566 to report of a confirmed positive corona test.

Questions and answers

If you have any questions that this article does not address, please go to our questions and answers site. (On the safe side)

Please check coronavirus information at This site is specially adapted to students and staff at universities and university colleges, among other things, by making the local emergency number at their institutions easily available. The information is available in Norwegian and English