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Annual case to the board regarding the portfolio

Based on the faculties' portfolio reports, the commissioning from the board and the faculty boards' decisions, the education committee and the board handles the annual case regarding the systematic work with quality and the work with development and changes in the portfolio.

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The case must include status and action points in the work with quality and portfolio-development, as well as dimensioning and admissions in the programmes. The education committee advices the board about the case. 

Annual case to the board regarding the portfolio

ResponsibilityRector, pro-rector for education
ParticipantsThe education committee and the board 
TimeDeadline November 1st.
PurposeAssessment of, and decision regarding the portfolio of the university, changes and dimensioning of the programmes. 
DataThe case to the board regarding quality in the portfolio, review and planning of study places,The faculty boards' decisions,The faculties' portfolio report and programme reports, Results from completed student evaluations aggregated to portfolio level,Selected results data,Advice from the education committee
DocumentationThe case to the board and decision regarding the portfolio, status and further development and dimensioning of the programmes.