Mastøk is an association for MSc in Business Administration and MSc in Accounting and Auditing students at the University of Stavanger School of Business

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Our goal is to create and maintain a good social environment among our master students, both through academic events, social events and events connected the businesses.

We aim to create and maintain an excellent social environment among our fellow master students through academic, social, and business events. This way, we aim to connect students and companies and facilitate new relations and networks. Mastøk is also very concerned with raising the quality of the business administration degrees at the UiS Business School and working actively to improve the courses.

Student Activities

All students enrolled are members of MastØk, but the board consists of nine members elected at the general assembly in January every year. Events are held multiple times throughout the semester, often in collaboration with other associations in both HH and other master studies at the university. Amongst others, we have monthly quizzes at Tappetårnet and a yearly ski trip with IndØks that is very popular among the students.

Collaboration with companies!

MastØk also arranges academic events through collaboration with businesses, Deloitte’s case competition, and held throughout the semester with other partners, such as Lyse. The career fair “Næringslivsmessen” is held usually in January every year, creating relations between students and businesses and helping students make future career choices.

The UiS Business Fair 2024

The student organization for Masters in Economics and Administration and Masters in Accounting and Auditing (MastØk) have the profound pleasure of inviting you to Business Fair 2024 on the 23rd of january at Tjodhallen, UiS campus Ullandhaug, Kjølv Egeland house.

The fair is an excellent opportunity to connect with companies and potential employers. For this years fair, we have a companies working with auditing, consulting, and more exciting fields where you as a student within economics can start your career. Meet up and use this chance to talk to companies and connect!


  • 10:00 – Opening of stand area
  • 10:15 – Opening speech
  • 13:30 – Award ceremony for competitions and best stand
  • 14:00 – End of Business Fair
  • 18:00 – Evening event at Gaffel og Karaffel The companies have two golden tickets each which they will give out to students who excel. The tickets grant access to the evening event, with dinner, drinks and entertainment.

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