CARING FUTURES - OPEN CALL for artwork production

Open call for artwork production from artists in the Nordic countries. Application deadline June, 30th 2021.

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About Caring Futures

The exhibition is a part of the research project Caring Futures: developing care ethics for technology-mediated care practices, funded by the Research Council of Norway (RCN). This project revisits care ethics in practice- and experience-near contexts, at a time of changing health, care and welfare policies, services and practices. Our principal research question is: how can technology-mediated care practices become care-ethically sound – and, correspondingly, how can care ethics become more technology-aware? 

About the call

Innovation, development and use of new technology are often presented as solutions to new demands in care and welfare practices in our times. However, questions about ethics, trust, and compassion are often left behind in the rapid developments and implementation of new technologies. 

This call is searching for artwork production proposals that explore questions of care and technology. What is care? Does the concept of care change with the increasing use of new technologies? How does caring technologies affect agency and relationality - for both human and nonhuman? What is at stake for how we experience and understand care and compassion under new technological regimes?

Suggested themes are for example questions of care ethics, compassion, human - nonhuman relations, welfare-technologies, care robots, robotisation, caring futures, bio- and necropolitics and welfare governance.

Selected contributions will be part of the exhibition CARING FUTURES to be held at Sølvberget Stavanger, Norway 15. September - 15. November 2022.

We accept both new proposals or projects in the making to be finalized or developed further. Application deadline June, 30th 2021

Who can apply?

Artists, researchers and practitioners as individuals or as working groups. 

What we offer

We offer artwork production and fee, curatorial guidance and inclusion in the Caring Futures exhibition in fall 2022 in Stavanger. The production and artist fee for each artist is 20.000 NOK.

How to apply

Please submit your applications exclusively via our online application form
You can only submit one project per person. The application must be written in English. 

Applications must include the following: 

  • a project proposal summary for the form and a detailed description with production timeline to be uploaded
  • a budget with detailed breakdowns
  • a summary of the biography and a CV to be uploaded (maximum of 4 pages) 
  • a portfolio with relevant works to be uploaded (maximum of 10 pages) 
  • personal information for the form. If you are applying with a collective, name one contact person. In that case, the cv and portfolio should present the work of the collective.  

Selection process

The evaluation will be based on the alignment of the proposals with the themes of Caring Futures, their artistic quality and relevance and their feasibility within the financial and timeline constraints. The evaluation will be conducted by the curatorial team Hege Tapio and Ingvil Hellstrand. The curatorial team reserves the possibility of inviting already existing artworks.

Partnering projects and networks for the exhibition are Sølvberget Library and Cultural Centre, Stavanger; the Smart City Research Network at UiS and the research project The ethics and social consequences of AI and caring robots. Learning trust, empathy and accountability located at Linköping’s University, Sweden.


  • Deadline for application submissions: 30.06.2021
  • Results of the selection process: by end of August 2021
  • Finalisation of the work by the beginning of 2022


If you have any questions, please contact or