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Checklist for new master and postgraduate students

Congratulations! You have just received a Letter of Admission from the University of Stavanger. Please go through the checklist below before your arrival to Stavanger. If you are an exchange student, please check "Checklist for accepted inbound exchange and internship students".

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Admission Office

International Admission Team Elias Conde Pais Sara Johanna Shiromizu Shizuka Kamata Sydnes E-mail: Phone: +47 5183 1235

Faculty of Performing Arts

Jannicke Fjermestad Vilde Baklid E-mail: Phone: +47 51 83 40 00

Study abroad at the University of Stavanger

Checklist for newly admitted master/postgraduate students

Accept or decline your study offer in SøknadsWeb within the deadline given in your Letter of Admission

NB! Postponement or deferment cannot be granted.

Your citizenship determines if you need a study permit in order to study in Norway or not. Read more about visa and study permit here.

If you need a study permit to study in Norway, you are now ready to apply for it with your Letter of Admission. Check UDI's website for information about how to apply.

A requirement for obtaining a study permit in Norway for non-EU students is to document access to NOK 126 357 (in 2021/2022) for the first academic year*. This amount must be deposited in a Norwegian bank account as UDI requires a financial guarantee for studies in Norway. Therefore, admitted international master students are requested to transfer the required amount to a student deposit account held by UiS, as soon as possible and no later than three weeks after receiving admission**. Those who are granted early admission in before 9 March, 2021, need to transfer the deposit money by 1 April at the latest in order to keep housing guarantee. Please note that this deposit account is only used for newly admitted students. UiS cannot receive deposit money for their family members. Any amount exceeding NOK 130 000 will be sent back to the sender.

*The amount required by UDI changed in April 2021. If you have already transferred NOK 123 519, you do not need to do anything. UDI always accepts the amount from last year since this information is updated late. However, if you are going to transfer, we recommend that you transfer the new amount of NOK 126 357.

**The deadline of deposit payment is extended until 20 June in 2021 due to the difficulties caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

Instructions and conditions for depositing money in UiS’s deposit account for international students.

Many nationalities can register their study permit applications online in the UDI Application Portal.

When applying, you will need the following:

  • UiS organisation number: 971 564679
  • UiS contact e-mail:
  • A credit card to pay the application fee
  • Passport number, date of issue and validity
  • Expected date of arrival in Norway/Schengen area
  • Information about your marital status and family
  • A correspondence address in your home country
  • Address in Norway. If you are applying for student accommodation, please use the visiting address of the university as your correspondence address in Stavanger:

    University of Stavanger, Rennebergstien 30, 4021 Stavanger, Norway

Once the online application has been registered, you will have to get an appointment and meet up in person at the nearest Norwegian Embassy/Consulate/VFS Global office and submit all required documents. The application will not be processed if the documents are not delivered. Important information when you deliver the documents:

  • Bring the Confirmation of Deposit issued by UiS as a documentation that you have sufficient funds for your living expenses.
  • Bring the e-mail confirmation of your housing application as documentation that you have somewhere to live in Norway. You do not need an actual housing contract. UDI is aware that UiS does not guarantee housing for all international students.

The Admission Office cannot assist you in the study permit/visa application process. For any questions regarding study permits/visas, please contact UDI directly.

In order to apply for student housing, you must use a code. This code will be provided in your Letter of Admission. Do not apply for housing without this code as your application may be deleted if you do not enter the code when applying. We recommend that you apply as soon as you receive your code.  

  • Due to the precarious housing situation in Stavanger we cannot guarantee housing for all international students.
  • There are no family apartments available for international students with children. It is not allowed to live with children in single room apartments.
  • You will only receive one housing offer and if you reject it, you have to make your own arrangement.
  • Housing contracts start on 1 August. You cannot move in before that date.
  • Contracts usually cover one or two full semesters, and full semesters only (five months).
  • International students cannot change their room with another person in the dorms, nor change dorms without the approval of SiS Housing.
  • It is not possible to terminate the contract with SiS Housing during the first 5 months of the contract.

Apply within 15 April via SiS Housing (NB! Do not use Internet Explorer! Use Firefox, Chrome or Safari). If you miss the deadline, you can still apply. However, your chances of getting a room will be smaller.

Here is a video on how to apply for housing.

Use the automatic confirmation you receive via email after applying for housing in your study permit application. NB! Hotmail has a problem with receiving an automatic confirmation.

  • Webinar #1

    Date: Tuesday, 13 April 2021

    Time: 13:00-14:30 (Central European Summer Time)

    This webinar will introduce you to practical information to plan your upcoming journey to Stavanger. Meet us online and learn everything you need to know as a newly admitted international students!

  • Webinar #2

    Date: Thursday, 27 May 2021

    Time: 13:00-14:30 (Central European Summer Time)

    This webinar will provide you updated information about the possible scenarios in Fall 2021, information from SiS Housing, and brief information about current quarantine regulation and the situation of covid vaccines among local residents.

International Students at University of Stavanger have their own Facebook page. This group allows you to get to know other international master students arriving at the same time as you.

International Students 2021-2022 at the University of Stavanger | Facebook

Please send a request with your application number so that we can find you on the list of new students. If you have already sent a request and did not get accepted, please check your private messages. 

It is not possible to complete your student registration/activate your student account until 1 August. You will receive an email regarding the activation of your IT user account from our IT Department when this is ready.

You will get access to StudentWeb and Canvas after completing your student registration. The deadline to complete your semester registration is 1 September.

We recommend not to purchase flight tickets until you receive more information about quarantine.

Remember that all students must present their original documentation, i.e. diplomas and transcripts from college/university, upon arrival in Stavanger. Students failing to present all relevant original documents upon request may be denied admission.


Look into insurance options and bring the relevant documents with you to Stavanger. Students staying in Norway more than one year automatically become insured under the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme once you receive a Norwegian ID number (fødselsnummer). However, please note that it can take up to 2-3 months before you receive a Norwegian ID number. Read more about health matters.

Please note that the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme is not a travel insurance and does not cover any loss or damage to persons or property that might occur during your stay. Therefore, we urge all students to insure their household contents during their stay in Norway. Theft and burglary in student dormitories may occur.

The official semester start is on 16 August and for more details, check the academic calendar. Please check the student website for information regarding semester start and the fadder website for information about the orientation week. More information will be available on the semester start page (the link is not yet ready).

Citizens from non EU/EEA countries are required to register in person at the local immigration office at Stavanger Police Station within 7 days after they arrive in Norway. You need to book an appointment in the UDI Application Portal beforehand. 

Citizens from EU/EEA countries are required to register their stay at Service Centre for Foreign Workers (SUA), within 3 months after they arrive in Norway. You need to book an appointment in the UDI Application Portal beforehand. 

Citizens from Nordic countries are required to go to the Tax office (Skatteetaten) for an ID check and to submit a notification of change of address within 8 days after they arrive in Norway. You have to book an appointment on their website beforehand.

All students from a high occurrence country/area of tuberculosis must take a test for tuberculosis when entering Norway. If you do not take the test, you can be denied starting your work/studies in Norway. You should take the test within four weeks after arrival in Norway.

See the list of countries with high and very high occurrence.

E-mails will be sent out to students with citizenship from high occurrence country/area of tuberculosis. If you have spent more than 3 months in a high epidemic country/area, it is your responsibility to inform us at and be tested.

Please find more information regarding tuberculosis and testing.

Covid-19 pandemic information for newly admitted master/postgraduate students

Important information regarding the semester start under covid-19 circumstances will also be sent to the admitted students directly via email and through a series of webinars.

The Norwegian borders are at the moment closed and no new students can enter the country. You can still apply for a study permit (non-EU citizens) but UDI (Norwegian Immigration Authorities) does not process any application as long as the borders are closed. We do not know when the borders will open for international students, but we have strong hopes that the borders will open before the semester start.

More information regarding entry to Norway is as published on the UDI's website.

UiS is currently planning to offer a hybrid semester. It means that the classes will be offered online as well as on campus. All compulsory courses during the Autumn Semester 2021 will be given online for students who are not able to come to Stavanger before 15 September (NB! Students at the Faculty of Performing Arts must arrive before 1 September). Please note that the hybrid semester is a temporary measure only for the Autumn Semester 2021.

All students must prepare to come to Stavanger for the Spring Semester 2022.

If a hybrid semester is not possible due to the unexpected rise in covid cases over summer, all teaching will be online. In such case, you will receive more information from the faculties.

It is important that you read up on quarantine rules in Norway.

Currently anyone arriving in Norway from abroad shall be in quarantine for 10 days at a specified quarantine hotel. We do not know who will be responsible for the cost of quarantine at the moment. As soon as we have updates, this will be published here.

You can also check information about entry requirements and quarantine regulations here.

Due to the uncertainty caused by covid-19, SiS Housing will not send out any housing offers to international students before 15 June.  

Links are updated on 12 May 2021

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