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The Learning Environment Committee

The Learning Environment Committee (LEC) at UiS has been appointed by the University Board. The committee's field of work is the environment within which the studies and their contents are offered. This includes the physical, digital, psychosocial, organisational and educational learning and study environment.

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The Learning Environment Committee works for a learning environment that supports the university's strategy and complies with the provisions of the Universities and University Colleges Act.

The Learning Environment Committee is the university's main body in learning environment issues. It also constitutes the institution's learning environment committee in the sense of the Act. The main concern of the Committee is how the university works to improve the quality of the surroundings the individual study programmes and their content. The Committee works to ensure compliance with current requirements and guidelines for the educational, psychosocial, digital, organisational and physical learning environment, and towards achievement of the university's objective for these areas.

The structure and content of the studies are both key elements of the quality of each study, and equally important is the environment within which the study content is offered. The Education Committee has a particular responsibility for the quality of the study programmes' academic content (including relevance) and structure, and the Learning Environment Committee has a particular responsibility for following up the quality of the study content's surroundings, and on how accessible the study content is. The Education Committee and the Learning Environment Committee together forms the university's central body for quality in education, which NOKUT (the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education) often refers to as the institutions' LOKUT.

Through its annual reports and plans, the Learning Environment Committee lay the foundation for the university's systematic work with the learning environment. The Committee participates in the planning of measures for the development of the learning environment. The work of the Learning Environment Committee is closely linked to the Education Committee's work, and the two committees usually have their meetings on the same day. Many of the meeting items are common issues for the two committees. Such issues are treated as joint issues of a joint meeting in which both committees participate.

Learning Environment Committee meetings in 2022:

Learning Environment Committee meeting 16.02.2022

Learning Environment Committee meeting 25.05.2022

Learning Environment Committee meeting 14.09.2022

Learning Environment Committee meeting 16.11.2022