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Course report

A short summarising report after completed course.

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Course coordinator must witre a brief summarising report after the course is completed, and then finish the report after the semester evaluation. The course report must express the course coordinator's own assessmens of what worked well, and what should be changed in the course, based on quantitative data, dialogue with students, as well as dialoges with teachers participating in the teaching. At least every third year, a standardised student evaluation must be included in the assessment foundation. 

Course report:

ResponsibilityCourse coordinator in all ordinary courses and courses in the EVU-portfolio
ParticipantsCourse coordinator, teachers in the course, student representatives 
TimeAfter completion of the course
FrequencyEvery time the course is taught
PurposeContinuous improvement 
FormShort summarising report from the completion of the course with a description of status and action points.
DataMinutes from dialogue with students,

Results from student evaluation when completed, 

Selected results data,

Dialogue between course coordinator and teachers in the course, course coordinator and student representative. 
DocumentationCourse report from course coordinator
The course reports are published on Canvas. The course reports is included in the foundation for the semester evaluation and programme evaluation after the completion of the academic year, as well as for discussion with the students.