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Petroleum Systems GEO690

Learn about Petroleum system analysis which includes:

  • Source rocks: depositional environment, quality, petroleum generation potential, maturity
  • Migration of petroleum from source to trap
  • Relation between petroleum phase in trap and seal quality
  • How to reveal the origin of petroleum (type of source rock from which it was generated)
  • Basin modeling; How subsidence history, heatflow and conductivity guides timing of petroleum generation

Course description for study year 2021-2022. Please note that changes may occur.

Course code


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Number of semesters


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Language of instruction


Offered by

Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Energy Resources

Learning outcome


The course will give the student a general understanding of how the interactions between several factors like (e.g. source rock type, migration, temperature history, seal quality, timing of petroleum generation, etc) determine petroleum type and phase in traps.


The student should be able to;

  • Understand the complex interplay between parameters that determine petroleum type and phase in traps.
  • Understand the risks associated with evaluation of exploration areas
  • Identify which parameter in the chain of petroleum evaluation that has the highest risk

General competence:

The student will in the petroleum industry be able to work in teams with other explorationists to evaluate the petroleum potential in study areas

Required prerequisite knowledge
Bachelor degree in Petroleum Geology or Bachelor degree in Petroleum Technology
Form of assessment Weight Duration Marks Aid
Written exam 1/1 4 Hours A - F Basic calculator.

Coursework requirements
There will be one assignment evaluated by approved/not approved. The assignment must be approved for the student to be able to take the exam. 
Course teacher(s)
Course teacher: Alejandro Escalona Varela
Course coordinator: Sverre Ekrene Ohm
Course teacher: Guro Laurentze Sætre Skarstein
Course coordinator: Sverre Ekrene Ohm
Head of Department: Alejandro Escalona Varela
Method of work
Lectures and exercises
Open for
Admission to Single Courses at the Faculty of Science and Technology Exchange programme at Faculty of Science and Technology
Course assessment
Standard UiS procedure
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