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Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance OFF540

The course deals with condition monitoring of dynamic machinery and static mechanical equipment by the use of advanced sensors and analysis tools. Furthermore, condition monitoring is discussed as a part of a predictive maintenance strategy (condition-based maintenance). The focus is especially directed towards the petroleum industry but can be generalized towards the land-based industry.

Course description for study year 2021-2022. Please note that changes may occur.

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Language of instruction


Offered by

Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Mechanical and Structural Engineering and Materials Science

Learning outcome
The course shall give the student a basic understanding of predictive maintenance management and the basic principles and methods used in condition monitoring of rotating machinery, piping, pressure vessels and load bearing structures.
Condition monitoring as a part of the maintenance strategy, principles of condition monitoring, establishing a predictive maintenance program. Introduction to monitoring methods using vibration, ultrasonic, thermodynamics, lubrication oil analysis techniques and non-destructive testing (NDT) methods such as penetrant, flux leakage, eddy current, radiography.
Required prerequisite knowledge
Form of assessment Weight Duration Marks Aid
Project work and oral presentation 1/1 A - F

The course has a continous assessment consisting of a project assignment 90% and an oral presentation 10% which is graded with the A - F.All assessment parts must be passed to achieve an overall grade in the course. There are no re-sit opportunities on the project assignment, if students want to take this part again, they must take the course again the next time the course is lectured.Students who do not attend the presentation cannot expect to take this part again. If there is a valid absence, the student can, by agreement with the subject teacher, complete the presentation at a later date.Students who do not pass one of the assessment sections, or wish to improve their grades, must retake all assessment sections within the same semester in order to obtain a new overall grade.

Coursework requirements
Guest lectures, 3 lab exercises, company visit
Laboratory exercises, company visits, guest lectures.
Course teacher(s)
Course coordinator: Idriss El-Thalji
Head of Department: Tor Henning Hemmingsen
Method of work
Lectures, assignment, laboratory exercises, company visits, guest lectures.
Open for
Master's level at the Faculty of Science and Technology.
Course assessment
Standard forms and/or discussion.
Overlapping courses
Course Reduction (SP)
Condition monitoring and management (MOM350) 5
The syllabus can be found in Leganto