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The Covid-19 pandemic and outbound exchange in the Autumn semester 2021

Important information for those of you who are going on an exchange this autumn.

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The deadline for applying for an exchange in the Autumn semester 2021 is 1 February.

During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it is at all times the emergency management at the University of Stavanger who decides to what extent we will carry out international student exchanges.

Current situation:

  • The emergency management at UiS is closely following the development of the Covid-19 pandemic. UiS views exchanges in the Nordic countries and Europe as most likely.
  • Australia has introduced entry refusal for foreign nationals.
  • US authorities announced on 11 March that the United States will introduce entry restrictions that apply to travelers from Norway, among other places.

In a letter dated 14 October, the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research informed about student mobility for Norwegian students during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The letter emphasizes the following, among other things:

  • The Norwegian government considers student exchange to be necessary travels. Thus, students who travel on exchange does not violate the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel advice, which states that we should avoid all unnecessary travel.
  • It is very important that the students make sure they have valid travel insurance before going on an exchange. The students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the terms of their own travel insurance.
  • The students are responsible for examining which infection control measures apply in the country in which they are to reside. Studernts must be loyal to the infection control measures.

This letter has unfortunately not been translated into English, but you can find the Norwegian version here:

Information about student mobility for Norwegian students under COVID-19


It is important to be aware of the following when applying for an exchange this autumn:

If the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not recommend travel to a specific geographical area, we will not be able to send students to this area either. The government characterizes student exchange as 'necessary travel'. We will therefore open up for student exchange to Europe, even though several of these countries are characterized as 'red countries'.

The management at UiS can cancel exchanges to a geographical area even if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not advise against traveling there. The university makes an overall assessment of the situation at all times, and must in advance of the application process try to create a predictable situation for our students. This may mean that the university cancels exchanges to areas that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not advise against traveling to.

When applying for an exchange, you can set up a priority list with up to five options. If you have been offered to apply to a partner institution that cancels exchange, or the emergency management at UiS decides that we can not send students to the area the institution is after the application deadline for exchange at UiS, we will try to offer you to apply for the next alternative on the priority list if possible.

For practical reasons, it is not possible to apply for other alternatives or re-prioritize the list after the application deadline.

You are responsible for having the necessary insurance. It is very important that you make sure you have valid insurance before you travel, and familiarize yourself with the terms of the insurance. UiS cannot cover financial losses that you may incur and which are not covered by the insurance. You must comply with advice from Norwegian and local authorities during the exchange period.

It is important to be aware that our opportunities to help you can be very limited even for events that are not related to the covid-19 pandemic. We cannot guarantee you help if, for example, you need transport home or treatment at a hospital or doctor. There is extra pressure on the health service and the transport sector worldwide, and we do not know how this will develop throughout the year.

In addition, there is a risk of receiving limited consular assistance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to return to Norway should the need arise.

Most of our partners in Europe and the Nordic countries participate in the Erasmus program. You do not pay to apply for admission to our partner institutions, there is no tuition fee, and you will receive a scholarship for the period you are on exchange. If the exchange is canceled prior to the exchange, there will therefore be no costs associated with such an application. If you have to cancel your stay, the cost of, for example, repatriation will not be as great as if you, for example, were to travel home from Australia or the United States.

As mentioned, the emergency management at UiS is following the development of the Covid-19 pandemic closely. Please note that your exchange may also be cancelled during the process, either by UiS or the host university.