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COVID-19 pandemic information for inbound exchange students

New information about the COVID-19 pandemic for inbound exchange students will be published here.

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  • The boarders are going to open on the 1st of August for students. (Information is found here in Norwegian). Please note that for students that needs a study visa to enter Norway needs to check with their closes Norwegian Embassy if they will be open and able to handle visa application at this time. You can read more about this on UDI’s corona information pages.
  • Please read the latest information about infection control advice for travel and entry quarantine. 
  • During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it is the emergency management group at the University of Stavanger who decides to what extent we will carry out student exchange.   
  • Exchange for autumn 2021 is still scheduled as normal.
  • Please be aware that we have limited accommodation. As a consequence, do not buy a plane ticket to Norway before securing accommodation. 
  • It is important that you read up on quarantine rules in Norway.  Please read further information from the University of Stavanger below.
  • Please note that some nationalities require a student permit to Norway. Please also note you cannot apply for a student permit before you receive your admission letter from the University of Stavanger.
  • Here are some general advice about hand hygiene, cough etiquette and cleaning from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. As mutations have started to spread in Norway it is extra important to follow these advice.

The information above was last updated 02 July 2021.

Information about courses (if they are going to be online, hybrid of face-to-face lectures) is found in Canvas. Follow step.6 here to get access.


Please note that the information given below may change. 

All student exchange will follow the rules and regulations stated by the Norwegian Government and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. These rules and regulations may change. 

Before you make a final decision and arrange for your exchange semester with us, we would like you to consider the following: 

Please read here about which test you need to enter Norway and when you need to take them. If you do not follow the government rules you may be refused entry into the country. 

Please ensure that you can bring a paper copy of your COVID-19 test according to above. 

Autumn 2021

Here you can find information about entry quarantine and rules upon arrival in Norway.

For students that needs to go in qurantine, there is chance that you have to go in quarantine in the first city you arrive in Norway. It is therefore adviced to book plane tickets that go directly to Stavanger and does not land in for example Oslo airport first.

You will have full-board accommodation at the hotel during the quarantine period. Normally you will have to pay an individual share of NOK500 per day at the hotel out of your own pocket. The Norwegian Government will cover the remaining cost. The UiS will cover the individual share for their students but be aware that you may have to first pay for this and get a refund from the UiS later.

UiS have made an arrangement with most of the hotels close to the airport in Stavanger, so for those that are staying there does not need to pay the fee of 500 NOK pr. day as the university will cover this. Students that are guided to other hotels, needs to pay the daily fee first and then they will be reimbursed the amount. Please contact us if you need reimbursement of costs. Only expenses for the induvidual share of NOK500 per day at appointed hotels will be covered.

After you have been in quarantine you will receive a document from your hotel to prove you have been in quarantine. With this document you can move into your SIS housing or private accommodation. You cannot move into SIS housing before 1 August.

Please ensure that you can pay NOK 500 per day for your quarantine hotel in either Oslo or Stavanger (or elsewhere in Norway). You will be refunded later, but please ensure you have the means to pay for your stay upon arrival.

The UiS and/or the Norwegian Government will under no circumstances cover for expenses over NOK 500 per day, and cost like phone calls, pay-tv, mini bar etc. must be covered by the students themselves.

Here is our academic calendar.

The deadline to register / sign up for courses is 1 September. 

For a full overview over which courses start when and which courses/programs require attendance, please see the timetable (will be published during summer).

Please ensure that you have checked the start date for your courses and that you have arranged for housing and tickets in order to be present at your earliest course

Before you can book tickets to Stavanger/Norway, you must have familiarized yourself with the current rules for entry to Norway, signed your housing contract AND made sure you have valid insurance during the exchange period in Norway from your home country. 

Please note that you must most likely be in quarantine for 10 days or more before your first lecture here at UiS. More information will come.

With this, we hope you have the information you need to make the necessary preparations for your exchange semester.

We understand that this is a difficult and complicated decision to make, but we still hope we will be able to welcome you to Stavanger for the autumn semester 2021.