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Development dialogue between faculty and pro-rector for education

The development dialogue i completed annualy by pro-rector for education, director of academic affairs and the faculty managements. The purpose is to accommodate for unified assessments of the development of the programme portfolio of the faculty, their plans for dimensioning of study places and plans for establishments and discontinuations of programmes.

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The dialogue is based on strategic assessments ans quality assessments in the portfolio reports of the faculties. It follows up the commissioning from the board to the faculties regarding the programme portfolio in march, and is a part of the foundation for the handling of the portfolio in the education committee and the board in September/October.

In addition, 3-4 meetings per year between pro-rector for education and dean/vice-dean for education is planned, where quality enhancing action points for the whole organisation is in focus.

Development dialogue between faculty and pro-rector for education

ResponsibilityPro-rector and dean
ParticipantsPro-rector, director of academic affairs and faculty management 
PurposeAssessment of the faculty's portfolio and quality work, changes and dimensioning of the programmes. 
DataThe faculty's portfolio report and programme reports,

The faculty's applications for new programmes,Results from completed student evaluations aggregated to portfolio level, Selected resultsl data
FormDialogue regardin status and further development of the faculty's portfolio, establishments, discontinuations and dimensioning. 
DocumentationCase to the board regarding quality in the portfolio, status and further development and dimensioning of the programmes,The education committee's case regarding accreditations,The case to the board regarding establisments and discontinuations.