Dialogue with students

The dialogue with students is completed as an early dialogue in all courses between course coordinator, student representatives and students.

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Studenter rundt et bord

The purpose of the dialogue is to get feedback from the students for changes and adjustments in the course for the current semester.

Minutes from the dialogue is included in the foundation for the semester evaluation and course report.

It is important that the students are able to take part in the actions decided, and then also evaluate the consequences of these.

Every time the course is taught, the dialogue with students is completed early in the semester.

The dialogue must be completed between course coordinator and the students. The dialogue must be early enough in the semester for it to be possible to make changes and adjustments based on the students feedback, but far enough into the semester for the students to have relevant feedback. The early dialogue should focus on the students' expectations for the course, as well as their feedback so far. 

ResponsibilityCourse coordinator/student representative in all ordinary courses and courses in the EVU-portfolio
ParticipantsStudents and course coordinator
FormConversation between course coordinator and students based on collected data. Led by course coordinator/student representative.Completed during lectures as a part of the teaching. 
TimeEarly in the semester
FrequencyEvery time the course is taught
PurposeEarly dialogue for changes and improvements for the current semester. 
DataPlanned and decided with the students/student representative  
Qualitative or quantitative data.
ContentStudents assessment of:
 - Teaching
 - Feedback and participation
 - Learning environment - Scope of work and self effort
DocumentationMinutes are written by course coordinator in consultation with students/student representatvie.Minutes are saved on Canvas
Brief minutes from the dialogue must be written, and they have to be approved by both parties. The minutes must include actions both parties agree upon. The minues from the dialoge is included in the foundation for course report and semester evaluation. The minutes should also be discussed with the students.