Centre for Innovation, Institutions and Policy (CIIP)

The proposed Centre of Excellence, CIIP, will investigate to see how technological changes and innovation will change businesses and what the consequences of such will be.

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Centre for Innovation, Institutions and Policy

Technological change and innovation are often linked to growth and success. However, in recent years the developed world has witnessed how productivity has stagnated and the economic benefits of innovation have been unequally distributed.

While a limited number of big high-tech companies situated in urban areas experience large economic returns on technological development and innovation, smaller businesses and societies in the periphery are increasingly marginalized. 

Thus, technological development and innovation contribute to greater differences and a world in which the gap between «those who matter» and those who «do not matter» increases. This results in polarization which in turn sparks a growing discontent and bitterness among people in the areas that «don’t matter». In recent times we have witnessed this being expressed politically through distrust of the government, support for more extreme political parties and a rise of outright violence. 

Through international collaboration and long-term research at a high international level, CIIP will increase knowledge of this emerging phenomenon, identify drivers of change, and provide policy responses in key areas.


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CIIP is a proposed Centre of Excellence (SFF)

Centres of Excellence work with determined ideas and complex problems. Their main ambition is to conduct targeted, focused, and long-term research of high international standards, with great potential for radical results. Researcher training and international collaboration are important secondary objectives.

This is the most prestigious call of the Research Council and includes all subjects and research areas. SFF centres may receive financial support for a total of ten years. This gives the centres freedom to restructure their research groups, develop new collaborative partnerships and push boundaries within their scientific field.

This year, 161 research teams applied the Norwegian Research Council’s call to obtain the Centre of Excellence title. 36 teams made it to round two. The University of Stavanger submitted six applications and CIIP was the only one to advance. In total 11 centres will earn the title.

CIIP originates from the Stavanger Center for Innovation Research (CIR) at the University of Stavanger School of Business and is built on their strengths and experience.

Contact information

CIIP is affiliated with the University of Stavanger Business School. CIIP is run by Associate professor Marte C.W. Solheim and Professor Andrés Rodríguez-Pose.

Marte C. W. Solheim

Associate professor E-mail: marte.solheim@uis.no Phone: +47 51 83 37 64

Andrés Rodríguez-Pose

Professor E-mail: A.Rodriguez-Pose@lse.ac.uk Phone: