In case of emergency during your exchange

Should a crisis occur when you are abroad, it is important that you are prepared so that you know what to do and who to contact.

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Important telephone numbers

UiS (24/7): +47 417 75 566
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (24/7): +47 23 95 00 00
The Norwegian Church Abroad (24/7) +47 951 19 181

Before you travel

If things don’t go according to plan, you need a plan B.

  • Make sure you have insurance which covers your exchange.
  • Before your exchange, you must log in to the Digital service desk and complete the form "Checklist for students on exchange". The registration makes it easier for UiS to assist you if something happens during your exchange.
  • When you have a new address abroad, you must update your address and enter your new phone number (if relevant) in Studentweb. Remember to register information about your next of kin. 
  • We also recommend that you register in the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel Information portal. Then, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can get in touch with you if something serious happens where you are located.
  • Keep yourself updated on the national and local security situation in the country/ area you are travelling to. You must comply with advice from Norwegian and local authorities during your exchange. You will find information about this in the checklist.
  • Familiarize yourself with your and UiS' responsibility when it comes to study-related stays abroad. You will find information about this in the checklist.

Emergency preparedness meeting

You will be invited to a meeting with the International Office, Sjømannskirken – the Norwegian Church Abroad and ANSA - Association of Norwegian Students Abroad prior to your exchange.

Here we talk about:

  • Why should you purchase insurance? 
  • What do you do if your involved in an accident?  
  • Does anyone contact your next of kin if something happens to you?  
  • What if a friend of yours doesn't come home from a party?  
  • What if you get lonely and want to go home?  
  • Who can you talk to about things you find challenging?