Industry meets the experts in OTICS

Wednesday 23 March 2022 13:00-14:00,

The Ocean Technology Innovation Cluster Stavanger (OTICS) is delighted to invite interested stakeholders to participate in our ‘Industry meets experts’ webinar series.

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OTICS would like to create a value-added connection for companies, scientific and technological institutions, public and private organizations.

By attending our webinar series, you will learn our expertise and experiences gained through our diversified portfolio.

On wednesday, 23. March, Associate Professor Wiktor Waldemar Weibull from the Department of Energy Resources, will give an presentation which shows the results of an experimental acquisition of sub-bottom profiling data over a sunken ship from the Middle Ages. The acquisition was done using an autonomous surface vehicle built at UiS. The advantage of using an autonomous boat in such an acquisition is its ability to acquire a very dense set of positions efficiently and accurately. The experiment is part of a cooperation between Department of Energy Resources and the partners of the Maktens Havn project. The acquired data will be used for research related to two PhD projects.


This webinar is open for all and is free of charge.

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