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Petroil is the Petroleum Engineers' association at the University of Stavanger. We represent the students in bachelor's and master's studies in petroleum technology and petroleum geology.

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We want good social cohesion among the students, where it will be facilitated for a student environment where everyone can feel included, accepted and respected.


Petroil was first established in the spring of 2011 and has since worked to improve the everyday study life of our students.

By arranging social events, having an active participation and collaboration with the department for the development of studies and subjects, and by establishing good contact with the business community.

The purpose of the line association Petroil is to work for the students' interests. We want good social cohesion among the students, where it will be facilitated for a student environment where everyone can feel included, accepted and respected. Every year we arrange large and small social gatherings such as student parties, social events, excursions and trips, including the annual Houston trip with the 3rd grade students.

We work continuously to maintain and improve our study offer. That is why Petroil is represented in the department council for Energy and Petroleum Technology, and we have a selected subject manager who communicates our opinions in meetings with the dean and lecturers. We have created great trust from the university and constantly help students who want to get in touch, complain or give feedback to subject teachers or subjects.

Students should be well informed about career opportunities that await them. We therefore work actively to create and maintain good contact with the business community to facilitate that students have enough knowledge about how they can make the right choices for their future.

We provide information about competence opportunities, internship positions, trainee positions and promote job advertisements continuously. Through the study course, you can visit several companies or participate in the company presentations and subject days that are arranged. We are always looking for new collaborations! Our goal is to have attractive students for Norway's oil and gas sector who are equipped with academic weight, commitment and competence.

Our Board consists of 7 ordinary members who are elected each year in February during the general meeting. The board members have their own employees who are selected by the board members. All our students have access to an office and workroom in Pavilion 4, room P-102. In addition to workplaces, you will find a meeting room, a sofa corner and a small kitchen with a coffee maker, kettle, microwave and refrigerator.

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