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Symposium on Linguistic Identities – Spelling, Writing and Identity

Monday 29 November 12:00 - Tuesday 30 November 14:30,
Campus Ullandhaug / Zoom,
HG N-107.

The programme area Linguistic Identities (Språklege identitetar) is arranging a symposium at UiS on 29-30 November.

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The theme of the symposium is ‘Spelling, writing and identity’, with the main focus on the ways in which writing – and in particular spelling – reflects and constructs identities. The programme includes papers by international and local speakers, dealing both with Nordic and English topics as well as with a wide range of periods, from Anglo-Saxon runes to present-day learners of Norwegian.

The symposium will be a hybrid arrangement. It takes place in the Hulda Garborg building, room N-107, with some speakers participating via Zoom.

The symposium is open for everyone and participation is free: please feel free to turn up for some or all of the talks, or contact one of the organizers (Klaus Johan Myrvoll, Merja Riitta Stenroos and Oliver Martin Traxel) to get a Zoom link.

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Monday 29 November

1200–1215: Opening

1215–1345: Session 1: Norwegian Spellings

Chair: Jan Kristian Hognestad

Myrvoll, Klaus Johan, Chosen spellings by Norwegian high-profile individuals in the 19th and early 20th centuries

Nesse, Agnete, Writers’ interpretation of correctness: variation in texts by Norwegians 1700–1976

Nilsen, Gølin Kaurin, From attempt to success: the development of orthographic proficiency and noun complexity amongst learners of Norwegian as a second language

1345–1500: Break

1500–1630: Session 2: Changes in Spelling

Chair: Kjetil V. Thengs

Stenroos, Merja, Traditional spelling as identity marking in the history of English

Solberg-Harestad, Kenneth, Expression of identity through spelling before and after the standardisation of English: from William Dunthorn to John Milton

Hough, Carole, Name spellings and identity in Britain: changes through time (Z)

Tuesday 30 November

1000–1130: Session 3: Late Middle English and Early Modern English Identities

Chair: Torill Hestetræet

Thengs, Kjetil V., Linguistic identity in late medieval English churchwardens’ accounts

Johansen, Karoline, Testamentary collocations: a case study of the diocese of Worcester

Kaislaniemi, Samuli, "Copies verbatum" or "letters to the same effect"? Copying spelling and sense in the correspondence of an early 17th-century English merchant (Z)

1130–1230: Break

1230–1400: Session 4: Spelling in Various Languages and Scripts

Chair: Merja Stenroos

Waxenberger, Gaby, Graphemics reveals identity: the runic inscription on the Ruthwell Cross (Z)

Sigtryggsson, Johannes, Eggert Olafsson’s archaic spelling of Icelandic in early writings (Z)

Traxel, Oliver, The spelling of conlangs: fictional languages and their orthographic representation (Z)

1400–1430: Summing up

The symposium takes place physically in Room HG N-107, but is also streamed on Zoom. Papers marked ‘Z’ are presented via Zoom.