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Corona-information for students at campus Bjergsted

Clarification for employees and students at the Faculty of Performing Arts, from 10th of May

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With reference to the new corona information from UiS, sent 07.05.2021. Here is a clarification for what applies to students and staff at the UK.


We will complete the exams as planned. The distance requirement is one meter. At exam concerts, it's allowed to have up to 10 people in the audience. The student is responsible for keeping a list of all people present, including their full name and phone number. The list must be handed over to the administration shortly after the event has taken place. 

For more than 10 people in the audience at exam concerts, an application must be sent to the production team / Kyrre Sassebo Haaland:, containing the following specifications:

  • Time of event
  • Place of event
  • Participating students and teachers
  • Person responsible for infection control
  • Person responsible for registration of audience
  • Maximum number of audience