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Information for students at the Faculty of Performing Arts

Here you will find useful information related to your everyday study life at Campus Bjergsted.

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Opening hours and keys

At Campus Bjergsted, you need your own key tag to get around inside the buildings.

Foto av hovedbygget tilhørende Fakultet for utøvende kunstfag. Foto: Marius Vervik

Electronic key system

The Faculty of Performing Arts consists of several buildings in Bjergsted campus; the main building, building nr. 2 (new dance halls), as well as block 5, 6, 7 and 8. Access to the buildings is regulated by an electronic key system. At the start of studies, new students will be given an electronic key chip and key to the instrument storage from the administration for a deposit of NOK 500.

The key tag is personal and must not be passed on to others. Violation of this rule may result in confiscation of the chip. In the event of loss of a key or chip, you must pay a new deposit of 500, - to get a new chip handed out. Upon completion of studies, an electronically completed reimbursement form together with keys and chip must be submitted to the expedition. Only then will the deposit be refunded. Refund form can be found here. The key and chip has to be handed in before 1st of July if you are finished with studies at the Faculty of Performing Arts. Remember to clean out your locker and bring your padlock with you.

The form has to be filled in with name, address, ordering code (UK-ADM), bank account and the amount required to be refunded.

Opening hours campus Bjergsted

With the key chip, you have access to the buildings from 07.00 - 23.00 every day. There will be an alarm if you stay in the building before and after this time. If the alarm is triggered, the security company will issue an invoice with a fee of 2100, - (per 2017). The person who triggered the alarm is responsible for the invoice being paid.

The entrance doors in the main building will be open from 08.00 - 15.30 on weekdays. In July and early August, the entrance doors are closed and you have to use your key chip to get in.

Opening hours administration

The administration in the main building is open for students Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10.00 - 14.00, closed for lunch between 11.30 - 12.30. The administration is also closed during the Christmas holidays, Easter holidays and the joint holiday.

Outside opening hours, you can contact us by email:

Schedule and teaching for students

At the Faculty of Performing Arts, the academic year is divided into mainly three different categories of weeks: Regular teaching weeks, project weeks and exam weeks. Some weeks it is a project week for several sections, other weeks it can be a teaching week in one section, while others have a project.


Regular, scheduled teaching must (unless otherwise requested) be given priority over rehearsals / lessons that is scheduled later.

Regular teaching weeks: Scheduled, regular lessons. This teaching takes precedence over other activities and can be found in TimeEdit. Small adjustments may occur.

Project weeks: The ordinary teaching is repealed, and opportunities are provided for larger and smaller collaboration projects across courses and classes. Here, only rooms are booked by the project manager, detailed timetable will be shared in Canvas or by e-mail.

Exam weeks: The regular ordinary teaching is canceled, and exams are mainly held during these weeks. Exams can also be arranged outside the exam weeks, according to plan. Postponed performance exams are added to TimeEdit per student.

For all details about the timetable, go to TimeEdit (Timetable campus Bjergsted)

Changes may occur, especially with the spread of Covid-19. The plan is not comprehensive at all times.

Rehearsal rooms for students

Students and staff at the Faculty of Performing Arts can book rooms for individual activities at the faculty.

studenter i øvingsrom
Foto Marius Vervik

Booking of ensemble rooms

You book ensemble rooms yourself through TimeEdit. If you want to book LKS, or a room for a concert, you can send an email to: or visit the administration.

It is very important that you do not book more rooms and time than you actually need and will use, and that you delete bookings that are not in use. Room access is scarce and everyone must have rehearsal time. The rooms can be used for self-rehearsal or for bands and smaller ensembles that are part of your study.

Ensemble room booking on the web. Unlimited number of hours, minimum 3 students on the booking, 30 days in advance.

Booking of rehearsal room on the 1st floor

The students have adopted a separate scheme for reserving rehearsal rooms on the 1st floor of the main building: As a student, you can use not occupied rehearsal room 1 hour at a time. On the door there hangs a note on which you write your name and time before you enter. After an hour of practice, the room can be taken over by the next person in line, but if you have not been thrown out after 10 minutes, you can sign up for a new hour.

If there is a need for a longer rehearsal time or rehearsal time on another date, you must contact the administration for reservations in TimeEdit. This must be done within 24 hours before you need the room.


Private tuition is not allowed on the UK's premises. If you bring with you other musicians or dancers who are not students at the UK, they can not use their own rehearsal rooms, only be part of bands or projects with students at the faculty. Doors should not be left open using chairs, all visitors should be locked in and out by students.

Rooms and equipment

All students belonging to the Bjergsted campus can borrow equipment for study-related concerts and projects.


Do you want to borrow equipment? If you need to borrow equipment for projects or concerts, you can send an email to technician Raymond Lavik, and we will do what we can to provide this. Remember to order the equipment as early as possible, preferably no later than 2 working days before collection.

It is strictly forbidden to remove school equipment from any of the rehearsal or ensemble rooms without the approval of the administration. If you borrow something from one room to another, remember to put everything back in place and connect any cables, speakers and systems.

Faults and deficiencies in rooms and equipment

At the Faculty of Performing Arts, a lot happens at large parts of the day, and the risk of wear and tear on both rooms and equipment is therefore great.

In order to minimize the risk of damage, we therefore depend on you giving feedback to the administration if you discover faults or deficiencies in our room and equipment park, so that we can rectify this as soon as possible.

Production team at the faculty:

Concert coordinator: Kyrre Sassebo Haaland

Producer: Simen Kiil Halvorsen

Technician and responsible for rooms and equipment: Raymond Lavik

Communication: Agnete Int Veld Bendiksen

Who can help me with what in the study administrationn

Do you need help with your education plan, various forms of documentation, questions related to exam, facilitation for students with special needs, leave, doctor's certificate in connection with the exam and general study guidance, or just want to have a chat?

Fakultet for utøvende kunstfag sitt hovedbygg på campus Bjergsted, 2018. Foto: Marius Vervik

Contact the study coordinator for questions regarding your everyday study. Contact the course coordinator or subject teacher for subject-related questions.

Anne Siri Norland

Study coordinator for the classical department. Study coordination, student follow-up, exam coordination, preparation of the academic year calendar, contact person regarding facilitation for students with disabilities.

Lena Crosby Haug

Study coordinator for jazz and dance and general study administration. Study coordination, student follow-up, exam coordination, inbound exchange coordinator, responsibility for preparing the main timetable and first-line service.

Tamara Kuklina

Study coordinator for PPU and MPO and general study administration. Study coordination, student follow-up, exam coordination, coordination of PPU practice, room booking, contact person for outgoing exchanges and first-line service.

Vilde Baklid

Admission and study consultant. Study coordination for digital studies, student follow-up, exam coordination, study barometer, admission to the faculty's studies

Jannicke Fjermestad

Administrative responsible for the admissions processes at UK - Adviser. Recruitment, admission to the faculty's studies and coordinator for the start of the semester.

Aslaug Margareth Vasshus

Study team coordinator - Advisor: Team coordinator for the study administration, quality coordinator for the faculty's studies, study portfolio responsible, student follow-up

Requirements for attendance at teaching and projects

Requirements for attendance at the Faculty of Performing Arts (UK) are an elaboration of the course descriptions' requirements for fulfillment in the course, and in accordance with the peculiarities of the UK's performing studies. These requirements complement UiS's examination regulations.

Foto: Marius Vervik

Valid from 01.01.2019 following a decision in the Study and Quality Committee at the UK 7 Dec. 18

Please note that the document on this page is an unofficial translation. Where there are linguistic differences the Norwegian version of the regulations is the official version. Please note that each student is responsible for aquiring the information needed, including the studies and exam regulations.

1 Attendance requirements for theory subjects.


All tuition at UK is compulsory. There must be a semester plan in all subjects at the beginning of the semester. In order to be able to access the exam in theory subjects, the student must be able to document attendance at at least 80% of the teaching within the course code, in addition to other work requirements in the course must be approved.


Teacher keeps track of absence in all courses / subjects. In courses where several teachers are involved, the course coordinator must keep a total overview of absences. The course coordinator must agree with the students on how the absence is registered.


Within 20% absence (approved absence percentage), there is basically no differentiation between reasons for the absence.


If absence from teaching exceeds 20%, this may affect the individual's study progression and access to take an examination in the course. The student must then submit an individual application (not a standard form) with the necessary certificates to be able to apply for the exam.

2 Absence from projects and executive subjects


For all performing music lessons as well as all performing projects, 100% attendance is required. Absence percentages are not operated on. The student must notify the teacher and others involved as soon as possible if she is prevented from attending such teaching. It must be considered whether the class can be moved if necessary.


For dance subjects, the 100% rule is applied to limited projects, while 20% absence from ordinary teaching in performing subjects is permitted. These are therefore subject to the guidelines described in point 1.


Absence must be recorded during all projects. This shall be done by appeal from a list prepared by the project or sub-project manager, or a person designated by him.


Projects should preferably be made known to affected students at the beginning of each semester, with a defined period of time during which the students should be available. Projects can also be announced with a shorter time horizon, but not later than three weeks before the project starts.

No later than three weeks before the start of the project, there must normally be a detailed test plan. (With, for example, contributors, time, place, scores, equipment, etc.) Once the plans have been set, there may be changed rehearsal times within the stated time frame for the project. Students are committed within the framework.

3 General schemes


In addition to 20% unspecified absence, students have access to up to eight days of absence each academic year for distinctly professional and executive activities outside UK, which are not organized by UK. This absence must be applied for and justified in writing to the study coordinator two weeks before it begins. The student undertakes to acquire the teaching material on his own. NB. Section 3.1 does not include students who take exclusively the PPU program. NB! The application has been moved to Digital student service desk.


UK's activities include collaboration with external partners. The head of department may decide that the student shall participate in alternative teaching / academic activities outside the house, which does not result in absence from teaching at UK which is given at the same time. This applies to projects that are initiated and prioritized by or in consultation with the department head. This can be, for example, a recruitment tour, teaching outside the house organized by UK, or executive internship projects organized by UK in collaboration with external partners. In such cases, the head of department must report this to all affected teachers. The student undertakes to acquire the teaching material on his own.


For students who are on long-term sick leave, a plan should be prepared for how the person in question should behave during the sick leave period. A meeting is held between the student and the management where it is outlined what the student can participate in. This plan is assessed at regular intervals, approx. every 2-3. week. With such a plan, the opportunity to be able to sit for the exam will be present despite longer sick leave from compulsory teaching activities.


Students who fail to attend lessons beyond the framework specified here may risk losing the right to an examination and having to take the course again.


The students themselves are responsible for ensuring that the limits for permitted absence are not exceeded. The course coordinator must nevertheless notify the student and study coordinator at the halfway point that the student has a high level of absence in the course and thus approaches losing the right to an examination.

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