Waffle Thursday at UiS Bjergsted with the student chaplain

Thursday 14 September 2023 11:00-13:00,

The student chaplain is here to serve all students waffles.

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About the student chaplain at UiS

The student chaplain is someone you can talk to about everything, when things become just a bit too much. He is someone who'll have time for a chat, and everything will be treated confidentially.

Read more about it, and how you can contact him here.

Student chaplain at UiS, Sigbjørn Rysland Jårvik

UiS's student chaplain, Sigbjørn Rydland Jårvik, welcomes everyone at campus Bjergsted to join him in the cafeteria Thursday, September 14th, at 11:00-13:00. Here, he will be available for chats at the same time that he serves you fresh waffles for free. Welcome!

He will be back three other Thursdays this semester as well: October 5th, November 2nd, and December 7th.