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Call for ELIA Student Showcase

Students at the Faculty of Performing Arts are encouraged to submit documentation images and photography of their art to ELIA

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Elia, call for student showcase

As restrictions loosen or tighten, and uncertainty becomes our modus operandi, classes are continuing, performances are being perfected, creative experiments are happening and wonderful works of art are being put out into the world by your students and graduates.

With 260 arts institutions now members of ELIA, we want to celebrate the breadth of talent, academic excellence and creativity that exists across all cultures, countries and disciplines throughout our membership.

Open Call for Documentation Images and Photography

This year, ELIA would like to showcase the work produced by your students and promote these artistic artefacts and creations throughout our network via our social channels and web platforms.

Promote the work of your arts institution

To get involved:

  • Please send us a series of high-res images or documentation photographs (no more than 15) of works that your institution is most proud of.
  • We welcome all artistic disciplines.
  • We would also like to credit the artist, artwork, institution, and photographer. Please include this information with your submission.
  • By submitting the work/images to us, you give us a permission to publish these images on ELIA’s social media and throughout ELIA’s website.  
  • Email or send your submission via to Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.
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ELIA is a globally connected European network that provides a dynamic platform for exchange and development in higher arts education. It represents 260 members in 48 countries, across all art disciplines. ELIA advocates for higher arts education by creating new opportunities for its members and facilitating the exchange of good practice. ELIA realises its aims by organising events, forming cross-membership working groups, participating in research projects, and producing policy papers addressing topical issues.