Master's students at the Faculty of Social Sciences can now apply for publishing scholarship

A publishing scholarship of 45 000 NOK may be yours if you want to write an article version of your master's thesis.

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The Faculty of Social Sciences aims to involve students to a greater extent in research and development. As one measure, the faculty sets aside funds for three scholarships (one at each department) for master's students who want to publish a scientific article based on their master's thesis, and where the thesis is suitable for this.

Master’s students who are interested in doing so, can apply for a publishing scholarship of 45 000 NOK to write an article version of the thesis. The scholarship can be distributed over the course of one or two months.

Master’s students may, after consultation with their supervisor, send a short application (maximum one page) with a description of their publication plans, to the department their study program belongs to. Only applications that satisfy the formal application criterias, will be considered and are eligible to be awarded a publishing scholarship.

Application guidelines

  1. The publishing scholarship for master’s students is a (taxable) publishing scholarship of 45 000 NOK that must be used to write an article version of their master’s thesis, with the aim of publishing in a scientific journal at level 1 or 2 in the Norwegian system. The scientific journal must be at level 1 or 2 at the time of application. If two students write together, the scholarship can be divided between the two.
  2. The supervisor or other permanent staff at the institute must co-author the article and commit to assisting the students in the writing and submission process and contribute to text revision following review.
  3. When publishing, students must use UiS (and the department the student’s master’s program belongs to) as an institutional affiliation.
  4. The scholarship is reserved for students who submit their thesis during the academic year in which the scholarship applies: 2020/21.
  5. The application must contain a brief description of the subject area, target journal and co-author(s). The application must also be accompanied by a recommendation from the supervisor in which he or she commits to contributing to the work. Application deadline is 15 May 2021.
  6. Allocation of scholarships is decided and communicated by the faculty. Agreement on progress and delivery date is made with the supervisor and the relevant department.

Any questions may be asked by email to the Vice-Dean of Research, Kristiane Marie Fjær Lindland.

How to apply

Applications are sent to one of the following recipients, depending on which department you belong to:

Department of Media and Social Sciences

Head of Department Oluf Langhelle, with a copy to Head of Office Anne Helliesen.

Department of Social Studies

Head of Department Morten Tønnessen, with a copy to Head of Office Stig Helleren.

Norsk Hotellhøgskole

Head of Department Morten Heide, with a copy to Head of Office Tone Olsen.

Guidelines for further follow-up (after the article is submitted):

  • The supervisor must notify the Head of Office with a copy to Marianne Gjerlaugsen when the article is submitted (with a receipt for the submitted article from the journal).
  • The faculty would like the supervisor to send a PDF when the article is published (to the Research Administrator, with a copy to the Head of Office).