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Campus bibliotek illustrasjon

The University Library

Fløytestudenter på Universitetets julekonsert 2019. Foto: Olav Bjånes.

Faculty of Performing Arts

Logosymbol for Læringsmiljøsenteret

Norwegian centre for learning environment and behavioural research in education

Logo - Lesesenteret

Norwegian Reading Centre

Notatblokk, penn og kaffekopp

Press and public affairs

Forskergruppen SHARE

SHARE – Centre for Resilience in Healthcare

Bildet viser fylte bokhyller innover et stort rom

Knowledge Centre for Education

Modell av strategien til UiS fram mot 2030

Strategy 2030 for the University of Stavanger

We will be an open and innovative university that demonstrates a high quality of education, research

Handelshøgskolen ved UiS og studenter på plen i forbindelse med semesterstart

University of Stavanger Business School

The UiS Business School has highly competent researchers and staff who offer some of the most sought

Illustrasjonsfoto av politibil med blålys på taket

In case of emergency

What do you do when an emergency occurs?

UiS, campus Ullandhaug

Vacant positions at UiS

There are a number of exciting vacant positions at the University of Stavanger.

Utenfor Ellen og Axel Lunds hus.

The Faculty of Social Sciences

Education and research at the Faculty of Social Sciences is diverse, and includes tourism, media stu

New at UiS : Welcome to Stavanger

From the language, where to live, what to see and what to do, to your family's wellbeing.....

Kvinne bruker VR-briller. Foto: Mari Løvås

Welcome to new employees!

The University of Stavanger aim to make your move to Norway as smooth as possible.

Flytfoto Campus Ullandhaug mot Hafrsfjord

About the University of Stavanger

The University of Stavanger has an innovative and international profile and constitutes a driving fo

Helsesykepleier med mor og barn

Department of Public Health

The department’s main objective is to contribute to the prevention of acute and chronic health probl

Sykepleiestudenter i lab

Faculty of Health Sciences

The Faculty of Health Sciences educates competent healthcare professionals for health services in a


Privacy policy for students and applicants

The University of Stavanger (UiS) is responsible for the processing of personal data that we registe

Kartesisk dykker

Door 23: Cartesian diver

Many children have tried to make a Cartesian diver with a pipette in a bottle of water, but it can b

Dronebilde av Bjergsted

Staff - Jazz

Here you will find an overview of the staff in the jazz section.

Dronebilde av Bjergsted

Staff theory section - jazz

Here you will find an overview of the staff in the faculty's theory section on jazz.

Dronebilde av Bjergsted

Staff theory section - Classic

Here you will find an overview of the staff in the faculty's classical theory section.

Dronebilde av Bjergsted

Staff - Brass/Wind Classic

Here you will find an overview of the staff at the classic wind section.

Dronebilde av Bjergsted

Staff - Organ Classic

Here you will find an overview of the staff in the classical organ section.

Strategy 2030 for the UiS Business School

We are an internationally oriented business school with a regional identity.

Chunming Rong

Granted new projects on computing technologies

University of Stavanger is participating in two new research projects led by NORCE.

NorBra 2020 summer school project. GDPR: Daniela Pampanin har fått muntlig tillatelse fra alle deltakere til at UiS kan lagre og bruke dette bildet. Foto: Privat

One health, one world

How can we achieve better health for humans, animals, and the environment?

Jente som ser på tegning av regnbue

EADP Summer Tour September 2021

The EADP Summer Tour 2021 will be virtually hosted in three European countries during three consecut