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Fri. 08.03.2024


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Defining Future Subsurface Education Needs in Collaboration with the Energy Industry

This project (SUBSET) aims to increase the relevance of subsurface course content to actual needs in...

The IOR Centre from an industry perspective

A total of 12 companies are on the list of the industry partners of The National IOR Centre of...

Hånd med blyant, papirer og datamaskin

The Collaboration Portal – register and find assignment topics

Do you have suggestions for bachelors or master's theses? In the Collaboration Portal, you can...

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Building integrated photovoltaics

Can we produce energy, limit land use and create industrial opportunities by using our house facades...

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Smart city – collaboration

While our outlook is global, a lot of our research is focused on the Stavanger region. Several...

Solve challenges from regional businesses and get 10 ECTS

InGenious provides 10 ECTS and allows you to collaborate with the industry in the region

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Data Management

Data management and information systems play a critical role in the industrial sector.

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Asset Economy and Cost Engineering

The Centre for Industrial Asset Management (CIAM) recognizes that asset economics and cost...

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Human Capital and Organizational Development

In the modern knowledge economy, the human capital of industrial organizations significantly...

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Operation and Maintenance

In the face of current industry challenges, there has been a marked increase in operations and...

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Safety and Risk

Despite adopting the zero-accident philosophy, industrial sectors face significant health and safety...

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HR hub focuses on competence in 2021

“The most important asset of any company is its employees”.

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Stavanger AI Lab – collaboration

Stavanger Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (Stavanger AI Lab) connects researchers, educators and...

19 forskere samlet foran storskjerm med smartby-presentasjon

Smart sustainable cities research network

This research network performs interdisciplinary research for smart sustainable urban development...