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Quality system for education

On this page you will find more information regarding UiS' quality system for education, the di

studenrepresentanter HHUiS

Student representatives at the UiS Business School

All boards and committees at the UiS Business School and the University of Stavanger have students r

gruppe mennesker i møte

The Learning Environment Committee

The Learning Environment Committee (LEC) at UiS has been appointed by the University Board.

gruppe mennesker i møte

The education committee

The education committee handles cases regarding the work with quality with authority from the board.

Annual case to the board regarding the portfolio

Based on the faculties' portfolio reports, the commissioning from the board and the faculty boa

Periodical programme evaluation and re-accreditation

All programmes must be periodically evaluated every five years.

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Evaluation, report, and revision of programmes and exchange stays

One of the goals of the quality work at UiS is to ensure the students' total learning outcomes