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Structural Geology

Structural Geology

Structural Geology is the study of tectonic deformation.

Smart vann, polymer. Foto: Elisabeth Tønnessen

Smart Water

Smart Water for enhanced oil recovery is a research field at UiS.

Provenance Studies

Provenance Studies

Provenance research tracks the transport routes of sediment.

Light detection and ranging

Light detection and ranging

Light detection and ranging (lidar) research focus on the planning and collection of lidar data as w



Geophysics uses measurements of physical quantities to make inferences about the geological properti

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic information science (GIS) research focuses on the analysis of spatial relationships, defi

data analytics, AI, maskinlæring. Foto: Shutterstock

Decision and data analytics

Value can only be created through our decisions.



Geosciences is an important expertise are within the energy sector, environment, construction among

Petroleum Technology - PhD

Petroleum Technology is a subfield within the doctoral programme in Science and Technology at UiS.

Illustrasjonsbilder til studieprogrammet Computational Engineering. Aksel Hiorth og Tonje Hovden. Foto: Mari Løvås

Master of Science in Computational Engineering

MSc in Computational Engineering makes you eligible for the most demanding and interesting tasks in

Industrial worker offers a wind station with solar system and sea offshore oil platform icon on a virtual panel. Modern energy production concept. Smart power plant technology. Photo: Shutterstock

Master of Science in Petroleum Geosciences Engineering

Geosciences engineers participate in the search for energy resources, mitigating climate change, and

Grafikk til kurs i petroleumsteknologi, hav platformer og havbunn og geologiske lag med forkastninger og hydrokarbonreservoare

Department of Energy Resources

The Department of Energy Resources is a strong academic environment with international top-level res

To forskere i et laboratorium.

The National IOR Centre of Norway

The National IOR Centre provides solutions for improved oil recovery on the Norwegian continental sh