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Energi, miljø og samfunn, master

Master in Energy, Environment and Society

Climate change, loss of biodiversity, and the possible transition towards a low carbon society trigg


Stavanger AI Lab

A node for research, innovation and education in artificial intelligence at University of Stavanger

Study of nano-scale interfacial forces

Shaghayegh Javadi can welcome the Christmas holidays as Doctor Javadi after defending her PhD thesis

Doctoral degree on wettability estimation by oil adsorption

Samuel Erzuah defended his PhD thesis 24 September. Now he is moving back to Ghana as Dr. Erzuah.

CO2 mobility control with foam for enhanced oil recovery

With a thesis on a very topical theme, CCUS, Mohan Sharma graduated as the sixth PhD at the Centre.

How to make seawater smarter

In her PhD work, Remya Nair has investigated how "smart" salt water can increase oil recov

Doctoral degree on modelling of EOR transport mechanisms

Oddbjørn Nødland was the fifth PhD candidate to graduate from The National IOR Centre of Norway.

Completing the «toolbox» for studying IOR/EOR effects

Auditorium E-164 was packed at the public defence of Mona Minde's doctoral degree.

Could Raman spectroscopy be applied to enhanced oil recovery?

On June 6th, Laura Borromeo defended her dissertation.

Study of nanomaterials for recovery of heavy crude oil

Kun Guo defended the degree philosophiae doctor 12 April.

Aojie Hong disputerer. Foto: Kjersti Riiber

How to manage geological uncertainty with decision analysis

Aojie Hong was defending the degree philosophiae doctor Thursday, December 14th.

Jaspreet became Doctor digitally

With around 25 participants PhD candidate Jaspreet Singh Sachdeva defended his thesis in a video con

Emanuela Kallesten. Foto: Kjersti Riiber

Defended thesis on permeability and stress in compacting rocks

The purpose of Emanuela Kallesten's project is to understand how stress state and pore pressure

Modelling of CO2 injection in tight shale gas reservoirs

Dhruvit Berawala's PhD project deals with numerical modelling of shale gas production and CO2 i

Doctoral degree on temperature variations i chalk reservoirs

Tijana Voake defended her PhD thesis 22 January, and is now ready for new challenges.

Programmeringskode abstrakt teknologi bakgrunn av programvareutvikler og Computer script. Foto: Shutterstock

Software Donations

Research and education today cannot be conducted without using state of the art software products.

Borekrone, boring, drilling, drill bit

Applied AI and Digitalization in Drilling

The Applied AI and Digitalization in Drilling Group at IEP, Department of Energy and Petroleum Engin

data, nettverk, illustrasjonsbilde. Foto: Shutterstock

Digital drilling

AI and machine learning techniques offer reliable solutions to transform data into valuable knowledg

Structural Geology

Structural Geology

Structural Geology is the study of tectonic deformation.

Smart vann, polymer. Foto: Elisabeth Tønnessen

Smart Water

Smart Water for enhanced oil recovery is a research field at UiS.

Provenance Studies

Provenance Studies

Provenance research tracks the transport routes of sediment.

Light detection and ranging

Light detection and ranging

Light detection and ranging (lidar) research focus on the planning and collection of lidar data as w



Geophysics uses measurements of physical quantities to make inferences about the geological properti

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic information science (GIS) research focuses on the analysis of spatial relationships, defi